WIP Wednesday: Stitching pictures

Isn’t it amazing the difference a good night’s sleep makes? Yesterday, when I got home, it was just about all I could do to crawl into bed. Today, while I’m not exactly up for an iron man challenge or climbing Everest, I at least feel human again. Sleep: Never Knowingly Overrated.

I’ve got a couple of stitching projects on the go at the moment still.

Yes, this is still Cyril, and Cyril still lacks a face. I can’t decide whether it should be the same colour as the rest of him, or whether I should use a different colour to highlight it. What do you think?

My other project is going out to a swap partner soon. I’ve been doing the Cheap as Chips swap for a while now, and it’s always fun and more challenging than it seems. The limit is £5, and trust me, these days, that’s not an easy limit! You’re allowed to go over, and you can use stash stuff, but you can’t *expect* your partner to spend more than that, and you absolutely don’t have to spend more than it yourself. Having said that, the parcels are normally awesome. Look what I picked up today!

How cool is that??? There’s so much cool stuff in here, it really made my afternoon!

Although it’s not necessary, I like to put a little hand-made something in my parcels, so that’s what I’ve been working on over the last few days. As you may have gathered from my photo, this month’s theme is purple, so I’ve been able to use the same set of threads that I chose from for Cyril.

No more than that for now, not until it’s safely where it should be! The main problem with this project was trying to trace the picture onto the cloth, mostly because I’d saved the picture onto my iPad in one of the drawing apps, and every time I put the cloth on top to trace it, I changed it! Most pesky. I got around it in the end by making it my lock-screen wallpaper, but it got me thinking, so I’m putting together a little tutorial for you for tomorrow about turning photographs into embroidery outlines. Yet another reason why the iPad is the crafter’s best friend!

To see if others have found low-tech uses for their high-tech, head over to Tami’s Amis here or by clicking the picture below.


9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Stitching pictures

  1. Laura, I am glad that you are feeling more rested:)
    I think Cyril should have some contrasting color on
    his face…unless you intend for him to be more
    serious than jolly.
    Thanks to the link to your swap…I think it would
    be fun to do one but had not found a link yet.
    What you received looks very rewarding 🙂
    Gracie ❤


    1. Thanks, Gracie. I think jolly is definitely the right direction for Cyril, thanks 🙂

      I love the little swap – having such a low limit keeps is low-key as well as challenging. I get worried about ‘full’ swaps, as you never know if your idea of what’s right is the same as someone else’s. This one is also nice because it’s every month, so you can get real feel for the kind of thing that should go in a parcel. Hope you find one you can enjoy too!


  2. The snail is so cute!! I think that a lovely lavender would be an excellent contrast. And I agree, cheaper swaps are definitely more challenging, but I’ve found they always turn out to be the most creative. Your post has motivated me to get back to embroidery again, I haven’t done some for a while! Have a nice rest of the week! Ashley


    1. Lavender is spot on – the pink I’d chosen was just too bright, which I think is why I stopped. Should have pics for you soon 🙂

      I’m loving my embroidery at the moment. Look forward to seeing what you make!


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