A list too far

You know you’re in trouble when you contemplate writing a list of lists. My ‘to do’ lists are actually not too bad at the moment, it’s my ‘want to do’ lists that are a bit out of control.

I’m one of those people who likes to amass information then sift through it for what I want. Linear thinking is really not my strong point, nor is moderation. Unless I’ve absolutely swamped myself in everything I might possibly need, I find it difficult to choose one thing, but I also find it difficult to choose because I’ve got too much information. It’s a real ‘damned if you do…’ kind of thing.

Recently, my big thing has been stashing fabric, and I’m sure next month it will be stashing yarn, and probably something else the month after that. This is partly to do with the critical mass idea that I was talking about above, and partly because they’re things I can do from my desk at work! Until I can bring my sewing machine to the library, or crochet while I type, crafting is confined to my few precious free hours. I think I’m working my way up to a truly horrible decision, which isn’t going to be popular with my other half either, but it might have to be done.

Want to know what it is?

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