New Year, Same Old Me

Yes, it’s 2011, and I’m still up to my neck in works in progress and still loving it. I’m as happy as a cat with a ball of wool.

Actually, looking at that cat, possibly happier. My main problem is that our camera went the way of all things in the middle of December, so I don’t have any pictures to show you. On the plus side, I could tell you anything and you’d have to believe me. So yes, in December, I finished sewing the taffeta ballgown that I’ve always wanted, crocheted jumpers for everyone as Christmas presents and finished off the year by producing the world’s best pavlova.

Somehow, I don’t think I’ve quite pulled that one off…

In reality, I made 3 roll-up shopping bags, 1 fold-up one, and crocheted 2 scarves, one tiny and one enormous. All were well received and are being put to good use, I think, and hopefully once we have a working camera, I’ll be able to pester pictures out of the recipients.

Coming back to work yesterday was a bit of a shock to the system, so I’m immensely grateful that apparently I knew I would need a break right away and booked next week as holiday. My plan is to declare it Craft Week and spend some quality time with my stashes of fabric, yarn and patterns, plotting the year away. I want to approach my teaching, designing blogging and crafting with a little more structure than I did last year, so that I manage to finish some projects for me, rather than madly trying to Get Stuff Done because I’m over-committed.

For me, 2011 starts on 10th January. Anyone who is unimpressed with the year so far is welcome to join me! Anyone who’s having a good time already is also welcome to join in, although you may be required to bring extra cookies for the rest of us.

Happy new year, folks! Here’s to a good one.