What duck?

Is there anyone, I wonder, who doesn’t like ducks?

These are Indian Runner Ducks, off to work in a vineyard, where they eat the snails that would otherwise destroy the vines. There was also a story recently about someone on a plane with an emotional support duck.

Inspired by this, when I was having a bad day last week, I brought my own emotional support duck, Mr Pond (long story), to work with me.


Despite this being just to the side of my computer, I managed to hold a five minute conversation with my manager without either of us realising there was a duck there (he didn’t notice, I forgot!). Which made me think of the Duck Man from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels.

“He was accompanied by a perfectly ordinary-looking man in torn, dirty and yet expensive looking clothing, whose pleasant tenor voice was drowned out by the quaking of a duck on his head. He answered to the name of Duck Man, although he never seemed to understand why, or why he was always surrounded by people who seemed to see ducks where no ducks could be.”


In our house, “What duck?” (the Duck Man’s continual question) is the only response when you finally realise something that should have been obvious.Β It’s what you say when you spent ten minutes searching for the glasses that you are wearing, or when you find the yogurt that was in the fridge all along.

And it’s what I said when I started digging through all my craft supply boxes, trying to get them into some kind of order. Because, in my head, I never have enough quilt wadding. I always need more, and always worry when I start a project that I’m not going to have enough to finished. More must always be bought, and the scraps kept, just in case. So when I decided to set up my Craft Cave, I thought it would be useful to put like with like, and started digging through boxes for the lost scraps of wadding that I knew were out there, but somehow, hadn’t been able to see until now.


Oh dear. What duck, indeed?

There are, of course, options. I’m going to get some batting seam tape so that I can put together some of the larger pieces to back a medium-sized quilt. Or possibly a large quilt. Maybe one for our kingsize bed.

The other thing I can do is use up the little pieces in smaller projects. There are also a couple of cushion inners that live in this box, so that’s two 12″ squares dealt with. Beyond that, I’m slightly at a loss. Any recommendations for little sewing projects that use small pieces of wadding? Having located it all, I now consider it a challenge!

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