Making Monday: It Made My Day!

Hello, all. How is everyone out there in blogland? Some people seem to have wound down for the summer, while others just seem to be getting going! I’ve been on a bit of a blog-break through a combination of health and circumstantial issues. Has anyone else had horrendous hayfever this year? I can’t remember the last time I slept properly, and it’s starting to get me down. I’m also somewhat hampered by our living quarters at the moment – to let us decorate the bedroom properly, everything that was in here is everywhere else, and we’re sleeping in the living room, with all our clothes in the craft room. Only by keeping my eyes fixed on the end result am I maintaining some thread of sanity!

It’s been one of those days where I’m very aware that it’s Monday and getting into work this morning was a bit of a trial. But the wonderful internet has provided the lift that even 2 strong coffees couldn’t manage. First off, I won tickets to the Festival of Quilts which I’d been looking at for a while but decided I couldn’t justify the cost of. Then just when I’d stopped bouncing so much that I nearly fell off my chair, I got an email to say that I’d won a bundle of fabric!

Needless to say, that greatly improved my opinion of Monday!

So huge thanks must go to:

The Sewing Directory and Twisted Thread for the tickets (is anyone else going? Fancy a coffee?)


Ali at Very Berry Handmade and Backstitch for the fabric. I promise to show the results when I make something.

In fact, I have been making things recently, just terribly, terribly slowly. You’ll understand why if I tell you that this is my lovely craft room:

Yes, those are clothes and tools in there. We’re sleeping in the living room and attacking the bedroom with sandpaper, paint and a chisel.


Having a room out of action is no joke in a small flat, so I’m remarkably pleased to have got anything done at all. First of all, there’s my latest quilt:

It’s very simple, and will be going off to a good friend soon. I did my first ‘proper’ binding with this quilt and let’s just say I learned a lot from it about what not to do. The pinpricks in my fingers will testify to that.

I also made some progress on an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ project that’s been languishing in a drawer for months.

All the skirt needed was hemming, a hook and eye sewing on and the threads tying off. I’ve now managed 1 of those 3, which I’m claiming as progress.

I’ll be dropping a link to this post over at The Yarn Yard blog, where Natalie is making a collection of what people are working on this week. Do head over and see what everyone’s up to!