Year of Projects – away we go!

Over the past year, I’ve really enjoyed seeing people’s Year of Projects posts (check out the Ravelry group here for some awesome blogs). Having goals, sticking to them and (most importantly) crossing things off lists strike me as great ways to go about your crafting. So this year, I’ve decided to join in, but because I’m me, I’ve approached it in a slightly different way.

As you might expect, my goals are not all yarn-related – there’s a good deal of sewing in there too. They’re also hopelessly over-ambitious, and there’s no way on earth I can get through all of them, but I’m going to use the structure and the list to keep me on track, and hopefully help me to finish some of the things I really want to get done. I’ll be honest, it’s hard not to look at other people’s lists and feel I’ve got it wrong somehow – there’s so much I want to do, so much I’ve started, and I have so much stash to get through! But the point of this isn’t to compare lists, it’s to set personal goals and work towards them, so here goes.

Because the lists are rather long, and because I want to be able to find them quickly, I’ve given them their own page on the blog, here with a version of this post for explanation/justification. I’m going to be picking and choosing from them, but within reason, I hope to finish a project every fortnight and whittle away at my ‘works in progress’ list first. Honestly, it’s completely out of hand, and I really want to be finishing, not starting yet more!

Good job I like making lists! There are 4 of them below with a ridiculous amount of stuff on them. That’s not because I expect to get this lot finished in a year, but so that when I can’t think what to do next, I have plenty to choose from, and don’t get distracted by yet another something else that’s new and shiny.

Anyone else joining in? I’d love to keep up with what you’re doing πŸ™‚


a) Works in Progress [deep breath for this one…]

1. Damson
2. Feather and fan shawl
3. Lisette dress
4. Critron
5. Black and white skirt
6. Purple flowers skirt
7. Grey tank top
8. Basketweave blanket
9. Harmony shawl
10. Juliana shawl
11. Light and lacy scarf
12. Activity tote
13. Egg Cosies
14. Study hall skirt
15. Brown spotty dress
16. Petals cardigan
17. Arc de Triomphe cardigan

b) Projects I’m committed to – either by deadline or by buying supplies!

1. Cambie dress
2. Leaving present for colleague
3. Rucksack
4. J laptop case
5. Swap shawl
6. Sashiko wall hanging
7. Clothkits bag
8. Crowing quilt
9. U-handbag purse
10. Wallhanging for N
11. Picture quilt
12. Wedding shawl

c) Designs (I honestly didn’t know I had so many ideas until I came to write them all down!)

1. Lucy scarf
2. Quilt project #1
3. Rawrosaurus Rex
4. Knitting pattern
5. Granny Log Cabin blanket
6. Rainbow shawl
7. Stripey quilt
8. Spectra scarf
9. Pre-cuts quilt
10. Quilt project #2
11. Oxford set
12. Something for each of the steeplechase yarns from The Yarn Yard

d) Wishlist – these are things that I keep saying I want to make but keep forgetting about!

1. Dinky dungarees
2. Embroidery sampler
3. Sewing machine covers
4. Tea cosy
5. Giant star quilt
6. Knitted tank top
7. Northern dreams pullover
8. Linen skirt – not sure of pattern yet, but probably Crescent from Sewaholic
9. Dresden plate [something – it’s just a technique I really want to try!]
10. Bohemian shawl by Doris Chan


21 thoughts on “Year of Projects – away we go!

  1. Just makes me want to crawl back under the duvet! My list is all in my head and very vague which means, should I not achieve it, that no-one can point to the evidence of my shortcomings (not even me as I’m sure I’m quite good at lying to myself about these things!). I will admit to having sewing machine covers lurking around in my hind-brain for when the right fabric comes along! Christmas presents (one of which I’ve started but only barely) and the afghan I’m crocheting are my only stated commitments, so I can feel good about whatever else I active (nothing much at the moment!).

    Hope this approach works well for you. That’s an impressive list!


  2. Wow that is some list and as someone who is alos over ambitious with lists I love it ! You know what for me its all about giving structure and having a list that when I finished something I didn’t get distracted. I’ve put so many projects in my favourites from peoples lists lol I could easily get swayed so I always give enough projects for this not to happen. Looking forward to seeing what this year will produce for you and welcome aboard.


  3. Here’s another wow !! Welcome to the YoP – its a great motivator and you’ll make some great blogger pals through here. Good luck with your list. xoxox


  4. Oh, the Year of Projects……

    Random suggestion, at least with the knitting/crochet patterns: linky to Ravelry so that we may all be enabled.

    The nice thing about blogger, at least, is that you can copy/paste from a previous post that has the link and it’ll magically show up. I don’t know if it works that way in wordpress. I would think so but, what do I know?

    So, now I need to be enabled…


  5. Wow, your list makes mine seem teeny, weeny, but I am hugely relieved to see somebody with as many WIPs as me. Thank you so much for that.


  6. Hi and Nice to meet you! I am glad you found us and are joining us for year 2. Here is a little secret—(many of us last year changed our lists repeatedly –and many of us did not finish our lists)–but we had jolly fun supporting each other and getting to know each other. I feel like I have so many international “friends” now–something I would never have without the blogging world! I look forward to seeing all your fun things as you cross them off the list–and you are so right about something, having the list is great for when you finish something and are not sure what to do next!
    *smiles and cheers*


  7. ahem, it’s just a year right ?!? That looks like a decade of projects, LOL! But after all, if you make progress on some and finish some then you’re further ahead, right?!

    Love the piles of fabric – makes me want to get back to my quilting!


  8. i LOVE your list and its fun to be a little ambitious! nothing wrong with a challenge! so glad you joined and am looking forward to seeing your progress!


  9. Wow, that’s quite a list! My favourite thing about the YoP is that everyone’s list is different and we’re all working on different things and towards different goals, but still get help support and encouragement from each other! πŸ™‚ I’m really looking forward to seeing your progress this year!


  10. I like your thinking about things to choose from and how you’ve organized your list. Like you, I made a separate tab for last years list and didn’t repeat it each…did that about half way through I think. This way I could reference it and indicate what had changed, be it finished, removed from list or added to. I found that helpful and a time saver. Welcome to year 2, hope you enjoy yourself as much as we all did in year one. Best of luck a we all embark on this new mission/adventure.


  11. Wow great list Laura! (This is Laura by the way, previously at Cute Crocheted Creations but now at Strawberry Mouse Crafts- I had to switch to a new blog, long story! but here’s the link: Thanks so much for the jewellery roll by the way, from your giveaway, it’s already in use! I’ve always got loads of lists going of different projects that I want to do, and it’s nice to have ‘public’ lists to make you stick to them!! I’m trying to do reduce my stash of cross stitch kits over the summer and I’ve got a page on my blog for that, it’s quite motivating! I’m very interested in the sashiko wall hanging- my Mum does a lot of sashiko and she made me a gorgeous sashiko pin cushion for my birthday πŸ™‚ Well that’s probably enough waffle from me! Good luck with all your projects! Laura x


  12. I’m joining in for the first time, and if I thought my list was tiny before it now looks minuscule. But as you say the point is not to compare but to encourage so I shall cheer you on toward achieving everything!


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