Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2012: Day Three: Heroes

Foreword: NORMAL SERVICE HAS BEEN RESUMED. Posting earlier on has broken the block, I think, and I’ve gone back and posted my KCBW posts from earlier in the week.

Day 1: In which I try not to drool on my keyboard as I look at lovely yarn photos.
Day 2: In which I fail to photograph yarn but succeed in catching a cheetah

and Day 3 is below, in which I am rather gushing, but really don’t care! Hopefully I can now get ahead of the game and be on time for the rest of the week.

That’s all, folks. And thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

Your knitting or crochet hero
Blog about someone in the fibre crafts who truly inspires you. There are not too many guidelines for this, itโ€™s really about introducing your readers to someone who they might not know who is an inspiration to you. It might be a family member or friend, a specific designer or writer, indie dyer or another blogger.

Originally, I was going to use my wildcard for today, as quite a few of my blog-circle have done, because I could possibly imagine who I would choose as my craft hero.

And this is not just because it’s difficult to pick! I do so many different crafts, and they all have different strengths and approaches, how do I choose from just one of them?

Having said that, two names immediately sprang to mind: Doris Chan and Robyn Chachula. Both are amazing crochet designers and absolutely changed my view of what crochet can do and what it can be.

All Shawl by Doris Chan

Victoria scarf by Robyn Chachula

Not only that, their professional approach to writing and designing is a constant source of inspiration.

Or should I choose Laurie Wheeler, The Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front? Her sheer hard work and tireless advocacy is awe-inspiring. And in case you’re thinking the CLF sounds a bit militant, I’ve spent the last couple of hours trying to find crochet on advanced textile courses, and I’m starting to think they’re not militant enough! If I wanted to do a textiles course (diploma or BA), I could do a knitting module, but can I do crochet? Can I heck as like. Oh, and in theory, I could do crochet as part of a City and Guilds qualification, except for how I can’t get any of the teaching centres to reply to my emails.

But I digress. As librarians are wont to do once they start researching something.


So the women above definitely inspire me. But are they my heroes? Sort of, I suppose. But I think my definite craft hero has to be my mother.

She’ll fall off her chair laughing when she reads that (hi, Mum! love you ;D) because she maintains that the practical nature skipped a generation. It has to be said that she’s not exactly keen on sewing (ask me about the fabric badge, the cardigan and the glue sometime), and while she made some beautiful crochet blankets and shawls, I only found out about them relatively recently.

But here’s the thing. When all my friends were knitting and I decided I’d crochet, I just sat down and taught myself. When I wanted to learn dressmaking, I went on a basic course, then figured things out from there. When I wanted to make a quilt, I just went ahead and did it. It’s only recently that I’ve realised that I get that from her. An assumption that, despite a complete lack of knowledge and experience, if I apply myself, use common sense and give it a go, I’ll be able to do things. She’s always told me that I could do anything I put my mind to, and I guess that somewhere, deep down, I’ve taken that on board.

The ginormous quilt I made her for Christmas.

Although I don’t think becoming a crafting magpie was quite what she had in mind! Still, knowing how much she supports me – not only is she a constant cheerleader, she bought me my first dressmaking class, loaned me her old sewing machine, and bought me my new one! – and taking inspiration from everything she does (I won’t embarrass her by listing it all out here, but let’s just say, my mother rocks ;)) makes her my craft hero for sure.

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