Start the Week

Happy new year, everybody! As I said in my last post, I started my new year on Monday, 10th January, and it’s been a lovely one so far, seeing friends, spending time pottering around the flat and ending with a lovely weekend away in Portsmouth. I finished a couple of projects and started a couple new ones, so that over all, my pile of crafting things to do looks something like this:

For me, that’s actually quite restrained! There are more crochet projects than sewing ones there, and most of them are mobile, which is definitely a good thing. There are more things lurking in the drawer, and I’m still trying to work out what order to tackle them in, but there’s certainly enough here to keep me going for a while!

While I was on holiday, I did plenty of thinking about this blog (Over Christmas, I had THREE complaints about lack of posting – I get the message!), my crafting and where things are going generally. Since all of these are quite big thoughts and I am a bear of very little brain, it’s taken me a while to find a pattern I’m happy with. Now that I have a new phone – the above picture was taken with it, and I’ve been bombarding Twitter over the weekend – I have a decent radio to listen to, which gives me the chance to re-live my student days and structure my week around Radio 4. Even now, if I don’t know the time, I just have to switch on the radio, and I can be accurate to within 15 mins from whatever’s on. It takes time, practice and just a smidge of geekery, but it makes me happy. All of which is a long-winded way of saying yes, the title of this post is lifted from Radio 4, and I hope to continue the week in a similar fashion.

Mondays are going to be about the projects I want to get done this week, which will hopefully be a good way of tracking progress! Or at least they would be, if the two projects in question weren’t surprises for people who read this blog. Er. It’s possible that I didn’t think that one all the way through. Never mind, let’s just say that one is a half-finished project, and the other was a challenge that I intend to meet. Pictures after the reveal!

I do have rather a lot of pictures here, though, so let’s see. There’s some of my pretty fabric, drying away. I always forget to wash it before starting to sew, so I figured it was better to wash it before putting it away. And it did look lovely hanging on the drier like that:

Then there’s the sock bouquet I made for a friend’s new baby girl, along with the hat and mittens I crocheted for her. Tutorial to come for the bouquet!

What are other people hoping to get done this week? Any grand plans or are the New Year Resolutions wearing off already? I swear, I would have kept my first one to cycle to work at least twice this week, except that it was tipping down with rain when I left, and my glasses don’t have wipers on them. Well. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it…