Shiny happy crafting

It’s been a rough few days what with work stress and flat stress and general ‘oh good grief I’m so tired’ stress. When I haven’t been trying to get things done, I’ve been trying to sleep or eat or generally work out what I’m supposed to do next. Incidentally, how unfair is it that when you’re busy, you spend all your free time working out what you should be occupying yourself with instead of having free time!


But it’s been important in all the manic running around for me to stop from time to time and just…breathe. I decided last night that the flat was tidy enough (which is to say, we could walk around it without tripping over) and that I needed to make something.



Do other people get that? The overwhelming need to just *make*, rather than dreaming about making.


The results of my craving are still in progress, but it did give the excuse to get out my box of embroidery threads.


I picked up the box at my local charity shop – they were using it to display something in their window, but happily sold it to me instead.

It took an age to wind all the threads, but it was absolutely worth it. No more horrible tangles, and it’s easy to see how much of each colour I have. Simples! More than that, though, I just love getting it down to use. I don’t do a huge amount of embroidery, but I definitely do more now that it’s easier.


I might not be making much progress in other areas at the moment, but at least my threads look pretty!



6 thoughts on “Shiny happy crafting

  1. What a gorgeous box. Having lovely storage for crafting materials always makes you want to play with the contents more often. Hope you get some extra free time soon. Though crafting does help with the general craziness of life!


  2. Laura, I think you are wise to follow your yen to craft/ create something during a frantic time. I think that is why I have knit so many dishcloths 🙂 Your embroidery storage idea is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!
    Gracie ❤


    1. Heh, yes, it’s always good to have a nice simple project going on when things are stressful – great way to unwind.

      Glad you like it, thanks!


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