FO Friday: Stitch-bombing Oxford and a free pattern

Has anyone else had a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaally long week? I’ve been working on a fairly major project here, and both my boss and I are completely wrung out. The results are great, but the getting there has been Tough.

Sadly, because I was doing project things until 10.30pm yesterday and started again before I got out of bed this morning (ah, iPad, you are both a blessing and a curse), I didn’t have time to finish Cyril and make him into a cushion. Another day.

Instead, I have a rather silly and much-loved project to share with you. As you may know, one of my favourite places in Oxford is Darn it and Stitch, which is not only a fabby little haberdashery, but is also pretty much entirely responsible for the crafting I do now. Without Jo’s support and encouragement, I wouldn’t be doing half the things that I love so much.

So when she suggested a little stitch-bombing to celebrate the shop’s second birthday, I was not going to miss out.

We were a small but plucky troop, decorating the bikes of Oxford with ribbon, yarn and happiness.

We even had a satisfied customer, who picked up his bicycle seat cover with a huge grin and asked, “Is this for me? Cool!”

Much fun was had by all, and you can see more pictures on the Darn it and Stitch Facebook page. Apart from helping actually tie things to bikes (and the occasional metal ox – check out FB to see what I mean!), I also designed a knitting pattern.

Yes, I’ve never designed a knitting pattern before and I decided to start with a bicycle seat cover. Go figure.

You can download the pattern by clicking here should you be so inclined, although I suspect this is a rather niche market. I’m tempted to put it up on Ravelry, just to see if anyone actually makes it!

To see if anyone’s actually made, you know, something proper this week, head over to Tami’s here or by clicking the picture below.

PS. Just for the record, the USOC have issued a statement about and apology for their letter. There’s also a great assessment of the situation over at The Yarn Harlot’s, although I don’t entirely agree with the whole post. To me, sending a letter to essentially a social media outlet with language like that in it was a tactical error of epic proportions. I’m sure they didn’t *mean* to insult fibre artists, but the fact remains that they did. For once, I’d say it was worth reading the comments (do it! break the first rule of the internet!) to see the different perspectives voiced with considerably more calm than on Ravelry or Twitter. The apology is enough for me, and I’m fairly sure they’ve learned a lot about the internet community in the process!


8 thoughts on “FO Friday: Stitch-bombing Oxford and a free pattern

  1. The bicycle seat cover is lovely. It sure makes biking more comfortable. Although here the landscape is so hilly that my bike stays in the garage most of the time. 🙂


  2. Definitely put it on Ravelry! I bet people do make it. You make me want to design a granny stitch one. In Germany lots of the bikes had customised seats, your cover would not have looked out of place at all.


  3. Please do put this pattern up on Ravelry: I googled this blog as the only patterns I found on Ravelry were for pre-paid knitting kit and for a pattern in a book no longer published. Looking forward to making my bike seat cover now, thanks to your useful pattern.


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! I’d completely forgotten about it, but I’ll see what I can do to get it up there. Hope you like your bike seat cover – I’d love to see some pictures when you finish!


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