Making Space

I didn’t know back in February that I was going to take an eight month blogging break, but after I wrote it, somehow, I just didn’t want to write any more. At the time, I’d been feeling disconnected from the crafting community generally, particularly since I took the decision to stop buying yarn back at the start of 2015. Much of the social activity in the woolly world comes with purchasing activity, and as someone who wasn’t buying and didn’t want to put themselves in temptation’s way, I was finding things hard going. So I think I just…stopped. Still Instagramming, but not really wanting to do anything else.


One summer highlight was a trip to Milan. Wow!

Oddly, since then, I’ve felt much more at home in the crafting world, just as ‘someone who makes stuff’. Not that I’ve been making all that much lately, but I think about it a lot! Interacting on Twitter has been easier than listening to podcasts, and I feel like I’ve found a comfortable place on the edge, looking in. Of course, the February Stoppage came after a tough winter – the last four or five seemed to get progressively worse – and the admission that I just wasn’t coping. A couple of hospital trips, a CFS diagnosis and something of a lifestyle overhaul later, and I’m coming into this winter feeling generally better about things.


Adding ‘walk dog regularly’ has been a definite improvement! No, he’s not mine – more on that another time.

‘Things’ clearly include this blog. I like writing, and I like talking, and it would be nice to have a space to do these things in again. Not that I’m expecting an easy winter. The darkness is already getting to me, I’m tired a lot of the time and my mood fluctuates with the weather. I’m just hoping that this year, I have a better understanding of what’s going on, what I need and as long as I don’t come down with a whopper of a cold, I’m hoping to get through with minimal hibernation.

Having said that, if I’m looking to avoid hibernation, I probably shouldn’t have built myself an underground den…

Our garage is under the flats where we live, built into the side of the hill. It’s therefore fairly well-insulated and has a cracking radiator that goes from cold to ‘let me take my jumper off’ in about 10 minutes. The garage is also huge, which is useful, as the flats are small. We don’t keep our car in ours, and thereby hung an opportunity.


It helps that the garage also has a nice view!

One of the lifestyle changes I took this summer was to start running. There are open fields within 5 minutes of the flat, and running there just after dawn in July was a truly magical experience. But I know myself, and more to the point, I know that I hate the rain, and there is no way on earth that I would run in it. So we decided to buy a fairly cheap treadmill (thank you, eBay!), put it in the garage and run there instead. We tried it, we liked it, but it was boring staring at the wall. So I decided to set up an old computer monitor and the DVD player to watch while running. There’s also my Lightbox, so I get my half hour dose of light as well as exercise. Together with a dawn light by the bed (also eBay), it’s making my mornings manageable (not pleasant. No winter mornings are pleasant!)


The running machine folds up, making it much easier to store.

And then. Well. Once I’d reorganised one part of the garage, it occurred to me that I could just keep going. After all, my sewing machine had lived down here all summer to save space upstairs. And here was a perfectly serviceable desk. And all my crafting supplies that I wasn’t getting through because I couldn’t get at them.


The boxes on the right represent about 1/3 of my fabric/yarn/general craft supplies. There’s a lot to get through!

And once I realised that, I worked out that, with a little re-shuffling, the pair to our corner armchair that’s been living in a bag for three years would just about fit into the leftover gap.


I know it’s an odd shape, but it’s great for corners!

It’s not finished yet. I still need a desk chair, some desk storage and other bits and pieces, more of which another day. But as I was setting up that space in the real world, I thought it might be time to come back my virtual space as well. I’ve still got things to blog about, and I suppose I don’t really need a better reason than that, do I?


5 thoughts on “Making Space

  1. I wish I had space for a proper craft/office space. The room we were going to use turned into my younger son’s bedroom because, well, he needed a bedroom. Our garage is filled with garage crap that does not include vehicles (other than bicycles), our shed is filled with camping and pool crap……so, no proper crafting space. Someday. Someday.


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