NaBloPoMo #10: the one with more mittens

It’s amazing how deadlines concentrate the mind, isn’t it? I’m a last-minute person and always will be, but even I understood that if I wanted to get presents made for Christmas, I needed to start early. But even so, I’ve sort of surprised myself at how far ahead I am.

File 18-11-2015, 13 25 42

So that’s two of six pairs finished. Go me! (the silver one has a partner, not pictured). A third of the way there on the mitten front, another mitten done and its twin started, and on Saturday, I plan to start the sewing front. The mittens are my own pattern for the silver ones, and my favourite mitten pattern, Fidra, for the sparkly purple ones. It’s going to take a lot of self-control to give these away, I can tell you. There’s enough yarn left for my own silver pair, and I think if I do contrast cuffs, I can squeeze a pair of the Fidras out of the leftover purple. Probably. Oh, and I’ve nearly finished writing up the pattern for the silver ones, so hopefully I’ll get that up early next week. The aqua ones are a slightly adapted version of Idony mittens, as the thumb increases weren’t quite right for me.

That makes everything sound a lot busier than it actually is! There’s been something very soothing and satisfying working on so many pairs of mittens. They’re quick and easy, and you get the FO high much sooner than with my usual lace shawls. I could get used to this.

Alex in numberland

In reading, I’ve started Alex’s Adventures in Numberland. I love maths books in general, and I’ve read Alex Bellos’ writing before, so I know he’s good. The only problem I have is when authors read their own work. Half the time, it brings a whole new dimension to the work and makes a good book great. The other half, it just falls flat, because the person is a writer, not an actor. The jury’s out on this one at the moment. The complexity of the subject means that the reader has to understand quite a lot of maths, but I’m finding some of his delivery a little ‘lectury’, where I’m used to something more natural. So enjoyable, but sometimes hard to follow.

Joining up with Ginny for the Yarn Along as usual.


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