NaBloPoMo #7: The one with no thinking

2015-11-10 21.14.54

Close-up of the awesome-even-if-I-say-so-myself invisible finish on the top of my mitt!

For the curious, I did manage to get the other mitt done today, so more of that later in the week. And for the even more curious, yes, there is a pattern, but you can’t see it until I correct the typos, the font, the grammar, the style and the maths. Honestly, reading it through, you’d think I’d never used a crochet hook before. Or possibly the English language…

Anyway, buoyed up by last night’s mitt-triumph, I did a proper sort out of all the things I’m going to need to make Christmas presents. We have a fairly small flat, and things need to be used or put away properly, or I start to go slightly mad with the clutter.


The other week, I went through and wound all the balls of yarn I was going to need over the coming months. (Although I’ve since changed my mind about the sparkly green, as the pattern didn’t work. Plan B for that one…)

Last night, I gathered up the fabric as well, banished the rejected pieces to the garage, and put it all away in a single box that can sit under the table when I’m not using it.

2015-11-10 21.59.07

There’s something deeply satisfying about this, somehow. I mean, I can reach into the box and pull something out to work on, without having to think too much about it. Maybe that’s why I like making presents, especially with a deadline. There’s no decision to made, not too much thinking to do. You just pick something up and work on it until it’s done. I like that.

2015-11-10 22.00.03

The soundtrack to my making has been the podcast series 12 Byzantine Rulers, which I highly recommend, although not necessarily as an ‘all at once’ kind of listen as I’ve been doing. Things start to blur together – too many names! – but it’s a period of history I know very little about, so it’s an interesting listen. Like having an audiobook, but in bite-size chunks.


I’m a bit late to the party today, but heading over to Ginny’s to see what everyone else has been up to.



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