NaBloPoMo #6: The one with the !

2015-11-10 20.38.14
The slightly strange-coloured background is because I’ve caved and put my Nannie’s table-protector on the dining table so that I can work on it properly without scratching the wood. It’s going to be there until Christmas now.

To my slight surprise, I seem to have finished something. Okay, not a whole something, but half a something. That has to count, right? The thing is, it’s a bit of a good news/bad news sort of story.

Good news! I’ve finished something.

Bad news! It’s a mitten, so I still have the other one to make.

Good news! That’s half a Christmas present finished.

Bad news! I kind of love it and it’s for someone else.

Good news! There’s enough yarn to make 2 pairs.

Bad news! It’s from a discontinued yarn, so once it’s gone, it’s gone.

2015-11-10 20.40.44

But I’m going to concentrate on the good news, which is that despite my fears, this lovely soft yarn is showing the stitch pattern beautifully, and it’s turned out just how I wanted. One mitt only takes 15g of 4ply yarn, so not only do I have lots for the second one, I should have more than enough to make a slightly larger pair for me (my recipient has rather small hands). I’m completely in love with this colour. The tiny variegations lift it from just being grey, and the sheen of the silk in the blend gives it a beautiful silvery appearance. Once I can stop making mitts for others, I’m next on the list.

So that will be about the end of January then…

I’ve dropped my link into the Making Winter bloghop over at SilverPebble. Do go along and see the other lovely projects over there. The parkin recipe alone is worth the trip.


4 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo #6: The one with the !

  1. Oh this mitten! Where is the pattern please? Also, dare I ask, where is the yarn from, lest they have other beautiful skeins available. Thank you SO much for joining in x


    1. Aw, thank you! I’m afraid the pattern is all my own work, but as I finished the second one today, I’m going to see if I can turn the mess of numbers into something usable!

      The yarn is Laal Bear ‘delight’, but I’m afraid she stopped trading a few years ago. It’s a 55% silk/45% BFL blend, which seems to give a more dappled effect with the dye than the silk/merinos I’m used to. Still, I’m sure someone out there has some 🙂


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