NaBloPoMo #4: The one with the WsIP

imageIt turns out to be remarkably challenging to take a picture of two rectangles of crochet in an exciting way. I have therefore adopted the ‘when in doubt, add cake’ approach. Recipe is Parkin by Rachel of My Life in Knitwear.

I’m a little late to the link party today, as my back is still hurting from something horrible I did to it on Monday night. Despite only being a muscle strain, it’s amazing how tired hurting yourself can make you. Even worse, I haven’t really been able to get comfortable to crochet or quilt. The horror!

I have been listening to quite a few books, though, working my way through David Starkey’s History of the Monarchy (wonderfully written, and with a real sense of the personalities, despite his saying it’s mostly about the institution), and the dramatisations of John le Carre’s Smiley series. My local library’s e-audiobook collection has them all to borrow, and Simon Russell Beale *is* Smiley to me. They’re simply wonderful, and I absolutely recommend tracking them down.

After yesterday’s organisational extravanza, I’ve made a start on 2 projects, to go with the 2 that were already started. One is in a dark brown yarn, so is strictly a ‘home and good light’ project, while the other is with a 2.5mm hook, so has its own challenges!

Both are mitts – the Dappled Mitts by Shirley MacDonald, and the Genevieve Gloves by Nicky Hale. I’ve made the latter before, so am confident they’ll be great. The Dappled Mitts are worked in slip stitch crochet, not a technique I’ve explored before, but one that makes a wonderfully stretchy fabric. Both projects definitely have potential, even if they’re tricky to photograph.

Also tricky is leaving that parkin for the prescribed ‘few days’ in order to let the flavours develop. I shall have to treat the next 48 hours as an exercise in self-control!

To see if other people are having more success getting things done without injuring themselves, head over to Ginny’s by clicking the button below.YarnAlongButton1-003


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