NaBloPoMo #3: The one without ducks


There’s something very satisfying about getting organised. About putting things in order, planning, plotting, sorting and tidying. Sadly, I often prefer that part to the actual doing, which is why I always have nineteen-dozen things on the go and am always late in finishing stuff.

At this time of year, most folk who make things have to decide whether they’re going to do Christmas presents or not. It’s no good deciding on 23rd December that you want to give someone a jumper (although I know quite a few folks who’ve given presents still on the needles). And when you want to make for multiple people, you have to plan it out.

After hurting my back horribly yesterday, and with a little residual pain in my hands from some hard knitting the other weekend, I couldn’t do much today. But I did find that winding yarn hurt neither my back nor my hand, and so it was a good chance to get my ducks in a row, do some planning and get at least vaguely organised.

Except when I say ducks, I mean yarn. And when I say vaguely, I mean very. Everything’s now in project bags and ready to go. All I have to do is make them.

Right. That’s all.

I think actual ducks would be easier…



3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo #3: The one without ducks

  1. I’ve given up on handmade Christmas presents – my lot weren’t very appreciative and, now we live in the US, it’s really not practical. Good luck with your projects and I hope your back feels better soon.


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