NaBloPoMo #2: The one with the blog hop

thick cobwebs draped over a bush
The cobwebs this morning looked like someone had draped silk over the bushes.

The last couple of weeks have been a very strange time. My Instagram and blog feeds have been full of people celebrating autumn. The glorious changing colours of the leaves, the incredible light that we get at this time of year, all the seasonal things that seem to make people happy.

It’s meant a lot of biting my tongue. I don’t actually begrudge people their happiness in autumnal things, and for people affected in the opposite way to me, it’s finally a chance to breathe after the oppressive heat of summer. And, of course, yarny folk are looking forward to wrapping themselves in all things woolly.

But for me, mid-October is less about pumpkin spice latte and cosy blankets and more about darkness, tiredness and gloominess. I suffer from fairly severe SAD, and the changes in daylight hours are like flipping a switch in my brain. This year seems to have been particularly bad, and I’ve spent a lot of the last month hugging my light box and sleeping (not at the same time!). As usual, November comes and things start to improve, as I adjust to the new light levels and get used to coping all over again.

And there have been beautiful things. The colours of the trees are simply stunning, and I genuinely enjoy the run up to Advent, planning decorations and starting to think about what I want to make people for Christmas presents. Before today’s fog, we’ve had some really beautifully sunny days which have definitely helped as well.

One more thing that I’m looking forward to is the Making Winter link up over at Silver Pebble. I love the idea of gathering together all the positive things about the time of year, so that even when I’m not really feeling it, I’ve got a collection of lovely things to look at. To quote Emma:

“My plan is for us to create a sort of electronic wintry crafting bee. A collection of heartening blogposts, a cosy instagram feed and a Twitter hashtag lined with quilts, yarn, hedgerow liqueurs, crochet cake and lovely twigs. A place of solace on the dreariest days.”

I’ll be sharing my first winter finish by the end of the week, I hope, with many more to follow. I’ve decided to make it a handmade Christmas, so watch this space! In the meantime, have a look at the (stunning) Silver Pebble blog, or check out the #making_winter tag on Instagram. And in the meantime, I’m going to keep taking pictures of the wonderful colours all around me, as a reminder.

a tree with a gradient of leaves, green at the bottom to red-brown at the top


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