Yarn Along: So that happened

I had a slightly odd experience this morning. Last week, I’d fully intended to participate in the Yarn Along, and wrote most of a post which only really needed tweaking and some pictures adding. Then at lunchtime, I was hit with a massive migraine, the effects of which I’m really only just over. But it’s Wednesday again, and I thought it would be easy to just go back, edit the post and put it up here.

Except the two projects I was talking about have both been finished, as have the books I was listening to. Apparently it’s been a productive week, possibly due to the enforced time of rest – I slept for the best part of two days, and when I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t really up to doing much apart from lying under quilts crocheting.  I have found this tiger to be an excellent crafting companion. He doesn’t interrupt my counting, he doesn’t try to play with the ball of yarn, and he’s great for propping a pattern up on.

Does anyone else find they go in cycles with their crafting? I find that for a couple of weeks, all I want to do is start things. I spend time on Ravelry matching patterns and yarns, I swatch, I fill my heap of project bags with all kinds of lovely things. Then in the middle phase, I despair because I feel overwhelmed with works in progress. In the last phase, I have a spurt of energy and seem to finish things left, right and centre, and I just want to be DONE. And towards the end of that phase, I start the ‘what shall I make next?’ process all over again, and have to be crowbar-ed out of my Ravelry library. 
It’s not just me, right?

As part of my finishing spurt, I’ve blocked a cardigan and a shawl, both of which are still drying. That takes the number of FOs that need photographing to four. I’m going to have to take them on holiday with me at this rate! In my concentrated effort to be DONE, I’ve picked up my Hap again and finally settled on an edging that, if I don’t exactly love it, I can live with. There’s not much yarn left, so I’m hoping to be done by the weekend. 
I finished a couple of books, and am currently trying to get to grips with The Weather Experiment. I’m sure it’s a good read, but the narrator has one of those voices that I find it easy to tune out, so I keep missing sections because I’m staring out of the window on the bus or wondering what to have for dinner. As there are so many other books on my ‘want to read’ list, I’m not sure I really want to take the time with something that can’t keep me hooked. I think I’m going to try The Ask and the Answer next. I read The knife of never letting go several years ago, and always wondered what happened next! 

Hopefully with a better head this week, I’ll actually get around to replying to comments and making some too! To see what folks are up to, head over to Ginny’s for the Yarn Along.



6 thoughts on “Yarn Along: So that happened

  1. Hi Laura! I love the new look on the blog (I may have been a bit absent during the change 🙂 and I’m with you on the ebb and flow of projects starting and finishing, except for me, it comes in almost seasons…I go for a couple months wanting to cast on everything, filling project bags, feeling inspired, then a month about feeling like “wow I have a lot to work on!” and then finally a good 2 months or so when I just want things done and I get things done. And that washes right into , “now that my project bags are empty and the needles are clear….what can I fill them with next!!” Glad to know you’re feeling better and can’t wait to see the finishes!


    1. Hi there 🙂 I only changed the blog design recently, don’t worry, you haven’t missed much!

      The ebb and flow thing is funny, isn’t it? Every time I’m in the middle of a part, I think “I’m going to keep it this way” but instead I end up starting everything or finishing everything. I’m almost out of projects at the moment, but have no inclination to start anything new until I’m completely done, which is most unlike me!

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