Yarn Along: At Capacity

It feels strange, but apart from a hibernating cardigan and a blanket that’s waiting to be frogged, these are all the crochet projects I have on the go right now. L-R they’re my Hap, my sadly neglected Freyja, the Frankencardi, and the sample that never was and needs ripping out to start again. I checked my Ravelry pages, and there’s nothing more to be found. As I’ll be away for a few days next week, I’ve been trying to think what else I could start as a nice easy project to keep my hands busy, but I can’t seem to make any decisions. Maybe I’ll just use the blanket yarn to make some simple granny squares, for a different blanket this time. Or maybe not.

Perhaps it’s better not to start, as I have a few dozen sewing projects waiting to be completed, assuming I can manage to get my machine set up. Even that feels challenging at the moment. Between work stuff – which is all-consuming – and home stuff – which has been immensely stressful – I think my brain has actually reached capacity. There’s no more room in here, and for once, instead of wanting to start a new thing right now, I really want to finish things, get them done and clear the decks.

Considering my usual startitis, I’m starting to think I might be sickening with something. Finishing? That’s really not like me at all. Maybe I’m more stressed out than I realise! Hopefully if I can get some of these done and gone, I’ll free up some of my brain capacity for new stuff. Right now, I just want to hunker down with what I have and sew in ends. And this is the woman who wore a shawl for eighteen months without sewing in the last end. Definitely ill!

I’ve been trying to get some books read, but have been disappointed in everything I’ve started lately. The ‘Audio Crimes’ collection of short stories that I borrowed contained 4 dull and 1 averagely interesting story, while ‘The Painted Lady’ by Edward Marston which I’m listening to at the moment isn’t quite working for me. There’s ‘Blood and Beauty’ to try, which is historical fiction, and I’ve downloaded ‘The Gunpowder Plot’ by Antonia Fraser, in the hopes that some good non-fiction will hold my interest, but otherwise, it’s back to the podcasts!

I’m running a little late, but joining up with Ginny this week, after a few weeks off. Looking forward to catching up with everyone!



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