15 in 2015: June edition (don’t ask about May)

I think the less said about May the better. Can we all agree on that, please? I spent the first two weeks or so feeling absolutely dreadful, and the next two weeks trying to recover, which was an uphill battle. Stuff has happened that set me back a bit, and I still want to sleep more than I want to be awake, but I’m definitely emerging from the other side at last. Now is the time to try to put myself back together again, little by little, as trying to do too much sends me rolling right back down again.

What I mostly seemed to do in May was take pictures of flowers. I’m actually okay with this.

But as it’s a Monday and the first of the month, it seemed like a good chance to draw a line under the last four weeks and start again. One good sign is that I’ve realised my Ravelry Projects list is looking a little empty, and while I have some things that I’m finishing off, there’s nothing on it that I can just pick up and stitch at the moment. Going through my library and my stash, I’m starting to get excited again, which has to be a good thing. My lists and plans and gearing up again, so it’s the perfect day for a 15 in 2015 check-in.


I had to go back to April to see how I’m doing on my 15 in 2015 goals. And it’s not so bad, really. I’ll do a full half-year round up at the start of July, but here’s how I’ve done for April and May.

14 New recipes tried twice
This has actually been my most successful one, since I started using Jack Monroe’s recipes. They’re simple, tasty and mostly made from ‘storecupboard’ ingredients, which means I don’t worry if I don’t make what I planned, as the ingredients won’t go off! We’ve had turkey and chickpea burgers, cauliflower cheese carbonara (fab!), mushroom and kale soup, and haddock kedgeree, all of them at least twice. We’ve also had Mushroom Tea Bourgignon (a bit dull) and spaghetti puttanesca (not entirely successful, but I know how to solve the problem) once each, but I’m sure we’re going to have them again. That’s pretty good going for what’s been an otherwise uninspired month!

12 Books finished
I’ve read (or been read to) quite a lot, and I think my total for the last couple of months is 3 books, which is great for a time when I haven’t wanted to interact with anything much, let alone literature.

9 Friends emailed
Not as many as I’d like, but I managed to email 4 people in the last few months, which feels like a real achievement.

8 Patterns written
Not completely written, but I’ve got 2 full samples ready to be turned into written patterns, and an idea for a third.

0 Stash acquired
I’ve absolutely kept to this one, despite extreme provocation from all the wonderful fibre festivals that have been going on lately, and the amazing pictures on Instagram from Quilt Market. Sorting the garage yesterday, I realised that I really do have an epic craft stash – fabric, yarn, notions, beads, bag handles, you name it, I’ve got it. It’s rather inaccessible in the garage, and not being able to see it, I tend to forget I have it. One day I will have a permanent craft space, oh yes, and then we’ll see what I can make!

Overall, that’s not too shabby, I don’t think. The goal for June is to set my sewing machine up in the living room in a way that doesn’t drive me nuts. Our flat is quite small, and having too much out at once makes it feel rather claustrophobic, but I can never be bothered to set up and put everything away each time, so I need to work something out, or my sewing goals will never be met. I have too many UFOs for that to happen!

June has started cold and grey, but I think that means it can only get better. And if it doesn’t, at least I’m getting good wear out of all my woolly shawls! Hope your month has been manageable, and I’ll be back on Wednesday with a WIP round up 🙂


2 thoughts on “15 in 2015: June edition (don’t ask about May)

  1. Sorry you have been having a tough time recently. I know what you mean about the sewing machine. I have to put mine on the dining table which is ok when its just me here, but no good when others are around and it’s a pest to have to tidy up. I am still sticking with the 15 for 2015, and managing a monthly update, and I have to thank you as it has helped me this year. Take care, the sun is shining in Yorkshire so hopefully it will be with you soon.


    1. Thanks. Recovery is such a slow process, and I’m determined not to rush it – no point ending up back where I started!

      Glad it’s helped. It’s useful to be able to look back and think “wow, I did do stuff!”. Enjoy the sunshine 😀


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