Yarn Along: Happiness is…

…a zigzag swatch with straight edges. At last!

I’m hoping to get this written up soon, but the ends had been bothering me. It’s such a relief to finally come up with a count I’m happy with!

My hands have been rather sore this week, so I’m rather behind on the rest of my stitching, especially Frejya, which seems to hurt them even more for some reason. Little and often is all very well, but it doesn’t get you very far on your row count! On the plus side, Sol’s is coming on nicely, so definitely go and check hers out.


After a few weeks of podcasts, I went back to a book this week, with Princesses Behaving Badly. While the style isn’t one I usually like, as it’s short sections on each Princess rather than a coherent narrative, it actually rather suited the way I listened to it, which was in fits and starts. The historical detail was a little patchy – some stories were picked over in detail, while other were just delivered without comment – but in general, it was a fun listen and great survey of women through the ages. I’m having trouble deciding where to go next, though. Do I want fiction or more history? Fun or serious? Long or short? What are you reading at the moment? Inspire me!

Joining up with Ginny as usual:


11 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Happiness is…

    1. I’ve been really drawn to greys lately. Not sure it’s all I want to work with, but I am loving it.

      Ooh, I haven’t heard of that one, thank you!


  1. That is a beautiful swatch! Such a lovely color. I am in a bit of a Jane Austen phase right now – re-reading Pride and Prejudice and just started reading Emma to my lovely daughter Emma 🙂 She is tickled that there is a book “named after her.”


    1. Thanks 🙂

      I’ve only ever read Persuasion, as I couldn’t get on with other Austen novels for some reason. Maybe I’ll see if I can find an audiobook – like your daughter, I like having things read to me!


  2. Your swatch is gorgeous, I can’t wait to see what it is turning into! Sorry your hands have been hurting, I think I have a bit of tennis elbow… or knitting wrist… going on but I am ignoring and knitting anyway.
    I’m listening to Sense and Sensibility and am in the middle of a great new series by Lev Grossman called The Magicians. Masterfully, artistically written, I know fantasy isn’t everyone’s thing but if it is yours you may like it! It’s reminiscent of Harry Potter or a very dark Narnia.


    1. Careful with your elbow! You don’t want to end up not being able to knit at all!

      Ooh, I’ve heard of Lev Grossman but wasn’t really sure what the books were like. I love fantasy (Terry Pratchett is my favourite author) so will look them up. Thanks 🙂


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