Yarn Along: Frankencardi strikes again

Thanks to everyone for the encouraging comments on yesterday’s post – I think it’s important to say these things out loud, so that you know you’re not on your own with them.

After saying yesterday that I’ve been restrained about starting new things, today I managed to bring 3 projects with me, although I’ve only really had a chance to work on one of them.

My Hap for the Knit British Hap Along is pootling along nicely. At the moment, I’m just going back and forth, back and forth, letting the rows grow and pondering exactly what I want to do about the edging. Do I want just a feather and fan edging or do I want to add a border on top of that? Am I going to work it straight onto the grey, or am I going to add a ‘buffer’ row in between. And if I do, what colour? Decisions, decisions, none of which matter as I’m gradually building the centre. It’s a perfect project for chatty break times, as I don’t have to concentrate on the pattern, and I don’t notice how long the rows have become!

The project behind it is a design that I promised myself I’d finish writing up at lunchtime, except I was lulled by the sunshine and ended up Happing instead. Ah well, another day.

 Someone pointed out to me that buying a yarn project bag with moths on was a little inappropriate, although I confess that hadn’t even occurred to me! Still, now it seems just right for carrying around this monster of a project. Because yes, the Frankencardi has done it again. Despite the fact that it has been the perfect size in every other way, for some reason, I decided that the arms weren’t going to be long enough. So I added a few rows at some point on the sleeve, wrote down what I did and threw the piece of paper away in a fit of triumphant enthusiasm when I finished the sleeve. Which means it’s just as well that it turned out to be too long and needs ripping out. As I can’t quite face that right now, I’ve brought the yarn to make the other sleeve, and will deal with the faulty one at home, where I can count the rows a few times and work out what I did. I will finish this cardigan by the end of the month, because otherwise, I have a feeling it’s going to finish me!

Shep life

For reading, I’ve been mostly listening to podcasts this week, although I’ve also picked up the Radio 4 Book of the Week broadcasts, The Shepherd’s Life by James Rebanks. I normally listen to unabridged recordings, and so while I’ve been enjoying this, it’s made me really, really want to get the full version, because I can tell much has been left out. If you don’t already follow him on Twitter (@HerdyShepherd1), I strongly recommend it for pictures of lambs, puppies and the stunning Lake District countryside.


4 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Frankencardi strikes again

  1. Oh that is frustrating about your sleeve! your book sounds lovely, I have recently started learning more about the lake district (somehow I missed its commonality iany of my favorite books!) and I will look into this one!


  2. Hehehehe! Frankencardi! So funny and I’ve soooo been there!
    I think if you have so April sunshine in England you gotta take it!! We lived in Dorset for a long time and that first week of warm sun in April was like manna from heaven! We are in California now and most of the winter feels like a British summer its spring here and we are just getting up to 29 C! Enjoy that sun and make some vitamin D!


  3. oh-knitting can be frustrating at times! Hang in there–the sweater will be beautiful. And speaking of beautiful–the Lake District looks stunning.


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