Right, I just need to start this blog with an announcement: Mum, I love you.

Also, this was supposed to be the matching post to Sol’s about how our Frejyas are coming along, but mine started misbehaving last night, and I need to do some counting before I can finish my post. So let’s go with my other misbehaving project instead!

That would be the cardigan I’ve been making for what seems like the last eleventy million years. Or rather, the three cardigan’s worth of stitching that I’ve done in that time, due to my utter and complete inability to count.

The cardigan is for my mother, and is the Swing Ridge Cardigan from an old Interweave Crochet. It’s a fab pattern, dead easy, and I actually like that it’s seamed, as it’s meant I’ve been able to carry around the pieces fairly easily to work on at Knitting group or on the bus.

And of course, therein lies most of the problem. You see, I tend to make patterns where I can use stitch markers instead of counting. Or where the exact count doesn’t matter because it’s not for me. But when you’re making a garment for someone else, you really do have to pay at least some attention to what you’re doing, or this sort of thing will happen:

One of these sides is not like the other…

Or instead of repeating rows 5 and 6, you’ll repeat row 5 twice and then wonder why your stitch count is off. Or you’ll completely lose track of just how many times you’ve repeated it and have to stop and count rows. Again.

I ended up writing out the part of the pattern I needed and photocopying it, since proper paper is easier to rub out pencil from!

What hasn’t been helping is the pattern’s habit of saying “repeat these rows X times”, which could mean that, or could mean “X MORE times”. I took it to mean that. At least I think I mostly did. The trouble was, each time I came to an instruction like that, I struggled to remember what I’d done last time I came across it! My inability to count or pay attention to what I’m doing is one thing, but I felt the pattern wasn’t helping me out there.

But I’ve been working keenly on it this week, as I’m seeing Mum on Saturday and want to attach at least one sleeve to check the length (before I make the other!). Everything is loosely tacked rather than sewn, as it needs blocking before actually seaming, so at the moment it’s a bit like a Frankencardi, but as we’re meeting early in the morning, hopefully there won’t be too many other people around, and most of them will be too focussed on their coffee to notice.

But just to re-iterate, most of the problems are my own fault, not the pattern’s. I really need to learn to pay at least some attention to what I’m doing! And Mum, I still love you 😉

This week’s crochet has been brought to you by all the knitting podcasts and more than my fair share of coffee.

To see if other people have more brain cells and less-caffeinated blood, head over to Ginny’s for the link up.


9 thoughts on “Yarn Along: WILL IT NEVER END?

  1. I had similar issues, too. Haha I tend to make a Word document, and each time I come to a main section, I’ll list all the rows in a big column, and right ‘done’ beside the appropriate number as I go along. That way, I can make the same mistake both times. 🙂


    1. Some extra guidance would be really useful for those of us who are easily distracted (SQUIRREL! ;D). I much prefer things where it’s “do X to the marker” rather than “do X 14.73 times”

      At least I’m not alone!


    1. Ooh, I haven’t heard of Count-y, thanks. I’ve got a couple of counting apps, and am always up for trying new ones. My problem is more that I forget to use them!


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