Yarn Along: Ups and Downs

There are weeks when I struggle to post because I feel I haven’t really got anywhere, I don’t know what to write about, and everything seems very dull. Then there are weeks when I’ve got so much going on in my head that if I wrote it all done, no one would read to the end of the post! After a week of deep sadness and weather to mirror it, the sun is out today in all kinds of ways, and I’m feeling somewhat better. The sadness will linger for a while, but some of the immediate intensity is fading, and being able to do things is definitely helping.


After a week’s work, I think I’ve finally ironed out the maths problems with my shawl design, and I’m starting to cast around for a suitable yarn. If anyone comes across an interesting black yarn that runs 600-800m per 100g, please let me know 🙂 This has really been my main project for the week, making and ripping, making and ripping. I almost gave up at the weekend, when I simply couldn’t get the yarn to match the nice tidy chart I’d drawn. Didn’t it know what it was supposed to look like? Most inconsiderate. Anyway, I’ve sorted that out now and once I have yarn, I should be able to work up a sample from my pattern draft.


As I said on Instagram, Yarnie friends are the best friends, and the fabulous Sol sent me a wonderful collection from the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, including the new shawl book by Joanne Scrace that I’ve been hankering for. And it’s signed! How exciting is that?? Watch this space for news of a CAL.


Speaking of which, Sol and I are going to Frejya together in April. It’s a lovely pattern by Aoibhe Ni who designs beautiful things using Tunisian Lace. It’s not a beginner’s pattern (unless you are ambitious and very determined!) but for people who want to maybe stretch their crochet skills a little, it’s a great one to try. I’m going to put a notice the Aoibhe Ni group on Ravelry, and if you fancy crocheting along with us, check it out there, or follow me and/or Sol on our blogs, Instagram or Twitter. I’ll talk a bit more about my yarn choices and swatching on Monday.

Bleak-House-307754 (1)

To go with all of that excitement, I’ve almost reached the end of Bleak House, which does, it has to be said, have more than a little drama about it. Listening to the reading, I could understand why the BBC adaptation was so popular. It reads like a a description of a film, and I really want to see the TV version now. Just a couple more chapters and I’ll be done!

Phew. What a week! There have been definite highs and real lows, and I’m glad I’ve got a holiday to look forward to, not only to see somewhere new, but also to take some time to rest and reflect a little. Sometimes I think I’m so busy trying to GO all the time that I forget to check that I’m going in the right direction!

To see if other people have had less bumpy weeks, head over to the Yarn Along at Ginny’s by clicking the button below.


3 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Ups and Downs

  1. Sorry to read you have experienced sadness. The shawl sounds as if it will be beautiful. Glad you like Bleak House, I thoroughly enjoyed it and the BBC adaptation. Have a good week.


  2. Your crochet has brightened my day 🙂 Pink and grey on a background of lime? Perfect! I am sure spring is coming and the days will get brighter in more ways than one.
    As for high-yardage black yarn… have a look at DyeForYarn. They have a few laceweight options (silk mix, alpaca mix) at that sort of yardage and their dark and murky gorgeous gothics often verge on black.


  3. I’m glad to hear you are emerging on a better note 🙂 I think the hard, tough, sad times always make the good, great, fantastic times all the better! sounds like your holiday will be lovely!


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