Freshly Finished Friday: My New Favourite

Thanks to my blog post title, I’ve had this song in my head all morning:

However, that’s not really the right tone for how happy I am with this scarf!


The pattern is Silver by Bernadette Ambergen, and the yarn is Squoosh Fibrearts Merino cashmere in the colour Winterfell. I bought the yarn at Loop last summer, planning to use it to replace my beloved and sadly lost black Patricia Shawl. However, I miscalculated, because although this yarn is described as Lace, with just 521m to 114g, it’s more like a heavy fingering. As I had two skeins, I knew I wanted to make something that used them both up, and had been hankering for a substantial stole for a while.

It’s safe to say I succeeded.


The whole stole is about 10 feet long! It starts in the middle and works to one end, then you rejoin your yarn and work to the other end, which is perfect if you’re using two skeins, as you just stitch until you run out in one direction, then turn it around and stitch until you run out in the other! Except, of course, I found that while I’d managed 23 repeats in one direction, I got 25 in the other before I noticed and stopped stitching! I should also at this point offer a public apology to my knitting group, who had to listen to me complain about how long this thing was taking me to make. Four months is a long time for a crochet project, although as recent projects have been longer term ones, I’m gradually learning patience.


It was worth the wait, because this has proved to be an incredibly versatile scarf. It smishes down so that you can wear it with a coat without being overwhelmed, but if you pull it out, you can drape it around your shoulders almost like a poncho (although most typically it ends up a little tangled, like in the picture!). And the lace is lovely, even if blocking it was rather tricky.


There’s a horrible picture on my Ravelry page (indoors lighting, phone camera) of the lace while in progress, when it was considerably narrower than in the picture above, and it’s another example of how blocking is so essential. The lace has spread out beautifully, and the slight halo from the cashmere means it’s still lovely and warm. I’ve barely taken it off since I finished, and it’s been great for these chilly February days, when my huge scarf seems like overkill, but my lighter shawls just aren’t quite doing the job.


Definitely my new favourite!

I’m linking up to Freshly Finished Friday at A Hardknitlife, so do join us there!



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