Yarn Along: Month of Mystery


I lost the reading bug in the last week of January, probably from having got through so many books in the first half! But after spending some quality time in my wonderful local Blackwells, I decided that I would make February my ‘month of mystery.’ To that end, I’ve added a lot of mysteries to my audiobook wishlist, including some authors I love like Lawrence Block and Christopher Fowler, and some I’ve never heard of. Unfortunately, I started out with ‘An Expert in Murder’, which turned out to not be my sort of thing at all. But I’m working through another Bryant and May at the moment, which is much better. It’s a rare thing to find character-driven mystery stories, but that’s exactly what these are, and I love them.

For crochet, I finally blocked my Silver Scarf (more on that on Friday) and so have picked up my mum’s cardigan again. I’m a little cautious, because working too much and too fast on it was what hurt my hands before, but I’m finding as long as I take it slowly and steadily, I’m fine. The back is almost finished, and as that’s the biggest piece by far, it’ll become much easier to carry around after that!

I’m joining up with Ginny as usual this week, and hoping to actually get around to see what other people are doing, something I failed at last week!


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