Yarn Along: The magic yarn ball


I am, in general, very very bad at doing one thing at a time. Well, that’s not quite true. Every so often, I decide that something has to be done RIGHT NOW and I’ll forego eating, sleeping and talking to people in order to get it finished. But most of the time, I’ll happily start fifteen things at once, picking up a few at a time and letting the others languish until I lose interest and want a change again. It’s why I like magazines like Making. They include all kinds of projects, and because they generally only like to take up 1 or 2 pages for each thing, the projects tend to be simple and achievable. This is my first subscription issue, and while I was a little skeptical of the Valentine’s theme, it’s actually not at all schmaltzy and has some interesting articles as well. Definite thumbs up, and a great one for a week where my concentration span has been about five minutes. I can see myself starting at least four of these projects and leaving them in various stages of done-ness, like most of my crochet at the moment.

Then there’s the project in the picture. This one? This is starting to bug me. I want it done. It’s my silver shawl which I’ve been working since approximately forever. Bacteria have evolved into higher forms of life, developed opposable thumbs, constructed tools, created civilisations and fallen into chaos since I started this thing. Possibly.

The problem is that it uses about 1,000m of yarn, which is A LOT. I know it’s A LOT. What I tend to forget is that A LOT of yarn leads to A LOT of scarf! I bought two skeins of Squoosh Fibrearts Merino Cashmere, which is almost ridiculously soft, in a fabulous silver to match the pattern sample. It works up beautifully, and has been easy on my hands while I’ve been having trouble with them (they still get sore, but I can stitch if I’m careful and take breaks, thanks for all the nice comments last week!). What hasn’t been so easy is adding rows to something that’s already longer than I am tall, which is why it’s mostly rolled up in this picture. If I unroll it, it becomes unmanageable. Then there’s this:


As far as I can tell, this is a neverending ball of yarn. I feel like it’s been this size for at least the last twenty rows. Is it never going to get smaller? Will this shawl never be done? I swear I would have given up months ago if I didn’t want to wear it so badly. The finished scarf is going to be like wearing a hug, which is why I’m persevering.

Just don’t ask me how I’m going to block it.

Joining up with Ginny this week for the Yarn Along.


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