15 in 2015: One month down…


I think the good thing about doing a year-long challenge for which you have promised regular updates is that it gets you moving whether you want to or not. Last week was pretty rough in general, a combination of work-stress, J getting home incredibly late from work most nights, and the SAD which chose last week to kick in again, leaving me exhausted and uninterested in things in general.

But this week is the first Monday of a new month, and a chance to see how the 15 in 2015 challenge is going.

15 Crochet projects – My Ravelry page tells me I managed to finish 3 projects in January, although sadly, I think one of them will have to be frogged, or at least heavily modified. Still, that’s a good start, and I’ve got several things that are reaching the halfway stage, and one that I am determined to finish in February, because it gets too warm to wear it!

14 New recipes tried twice – There are several that we’ve tried once, but none that were worth repeating. However, this week sees the arrival of slow-cooked BBQ gammon, which I think might just be a winner.

13 Weeks at Slimming World – I’ve been a member for 4 weeks now, but have only attended 3 sessions. Still, I’ll be going tomorrow and have no plans to stop!

12 Books finished – Thanks to the wonders of audiobooks, I’ve managed to finish 7 books in the last month, with 2 others started and abandoned. That’s not bad for someone who read fewer than that last year! And I’m particularly pleased that one of them was Wolf Hall, something I’ve wanted to read for ages but wasn’t brave enough to tackle.

11 Patterns used from my current stash – Everything I’ve started this year, I already had the pattern for. So that’s 6 of these done already. Of course, I’ve been adding more than that to my favourites and wishlist, but I haven’t actually bought anything, so that’s okay.

10 Letters and birthday cards sent – Two so far. Time to have a look at February’s birthdays.

9 Friends emailed – Hmmmm….not doing so well on that front, probably because I’ve been feeling so down and not really felt like talking to anyone.

8 Patterns written – I’ve got sketches for 3 in my notebook, and have been swatching a third. Realistically, though, this isn’t going to happen in February. I’m just going to keep playing with ideas and see what happens.

Still to achieve (because I left the harder ones to the smaller numbers):
7 Knitting projects
6 Quilts finished
5 Kilometres run
4 Tops made
3 Dresses and/or skirts made
2 Thumbs healed
1 Pair of trousers made

And Finally!

0 Stash acquired Normally shopping for yarn/fabric is my comfort when I’m feeling down, so to have resisting buying anything even through a rough month feels like a major achievement.

My favourite picture of the month.

Overall, that’s 21 things out of the 120 on my list, which is 17.5% done! I needed to ‘front-load’ the year, because the smaller numbers are much bigger challenges, and it’s good to gather momentum towards them. I’ve concentrated on the comforting, easy things while I’m not feeling up to much, and once the days get lighter and the weather gets warmer, I’ll feel more like sewing and getting out in the fresh air, I’m sure. I have noticed that I’m Instagramming a lot more, and really enjoying it, although I haven’t worked out how to ‘meet’ new people that way, rather than just lurking and admiring all the pretty pictures. I find it a tricky thing on social media in general, where I’m very shy, as opposed to real life, where I’m more confident. Finding a way into conversations where everyone seems to already know each other can be hard, and can leave you with the feeling that you’re on the outside looking in. On the other hand, if you don’t engage at all, you always will be! So one of my challenges in February is to not be so scared to talk to people on Twitter/Instagram. After all, I love it when new people say hello to me, so why do I think I’d be intruding if I say hello to others? Time to be brave!

This week’s challenge, apart from continuing the above, is to sort myself out a new mobile phone. Given the bewildering amount of choice out there these days, I’m putting it on the list with moving house and changing jobs as one of the most stressful things you can do!

How’s everyone else’s 2015 going?


5 thoughts on “15 in 2015: One month down…

  1. Congratulations to this flying start! I am impressed by your books and crochet projects. I did an update on my 15 for 2015 last week, and once again want to say thank you for this really good idea. January was a month of waiting for medical results, not mine, but close family, and my list inspired by you, helped me through that hard month. But best of all it is now helping get going through more normal days, back on track! Hoping the longer days will help you soon. X


    1. Thanks 🙂

      I saw your list, but didn’t manage to comment, sorry. It’s been a rough week.

      Hope you get better news soon, and glad it’s helping you stay focussed xx


  2. You are doing really well!
    I am surprised that the small numbers scare you most – because 1 pair of trousers is a lot less time and effort than 3 dresses, for example.
    For me, it’s about developing good habits. If I can stick to the “no shop bought coffee” pledge for another month I will have saved £100 and will definitely deserve some new yarn!


    1. Oh, the dresses scare me too! I’ve never managed to sew anything wearable that actually fits me properly, so that part is the challenge.

      That’s great going 🙂 I’ve cut out most of mine, but actually find it easier not to buy yarn than not to buy coffee, addict that I am!


  3. You are off to a great start! 7 books? I just finished one! Picked up a copy of Cheryl Strayed “wild” Hoping to start it today at lunch. Just went and found you on IG and am nor following you. Hope you have a lovely day.


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