Yarn Along: Pacing myself


It’s been a tough week. Last Wednesday at my knitting/stitching group, I overdid it a bit and hurt my left hand. Then yesterday morning and today, my right hand seems to have come over all sympathetic and has also started hurting quite badly. Despite getting rather twitchy fingers, I’ve been on a strict “no crochet” diet since Friday, and as my right hand is still hurting today, I think that’s something I’m going to have to continue with.

I did manage to block something, though, so more of that on Friday. In the meantime, my project bags are sitting around somewhat folornly, waiting for me to be able to pick them up again without seriously damaging myself. I’m going to go for a quick drink to my group tonight and see how I go, but if it starts hurting again, I’ll have to stop. Better to rest in the short term, even if I’m going a bit nuts, than not be able to crochet in the long term. Except in those bags are things I really want to finish, my Silver Shawl and my Vintage Fremont (I am currently operating under the delusion that knitting will somehow be better than crochet. Please, no one disillusion me!). I want to finish them because I want to wear them, and so that I can start some new things. But for the moment, I’m being good and putting long-term needs in front of short-term satisfaction. Honest, I am.

Just remind me of that later, would you?

For reading, I’m flicking through Umberto Eco’s book The Infinity of Lists. It’s not a reading book, really. More like a catalogue of art and literature with musings on the nature of lists and what they tell us about the world. Some of it is going over my head, but I’m enjoying dipping into it and pondering.

Linking up with Ginny to see if anyone’s had a more productive week.


8 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Pacing myself

  1. Oh dear! I quite often give myself similar problems. I have found that having lots of different projects on the go at once really helps because they use different needle sizes and I grip in a different way for each – I am sure crochet must involve different muscles from knitting too 🙂
    I am wearing a Vintage Fremont today – I love that pattern so much!


    1. I honestly laughed out loud when I read this. After crocheting and knitting VERY cautiously at the pub last night, I decided when I got home that I wanted to start ALL THE THINGS 🙂 Plenty to choose from now.

      My problem with the Fremont is my knitting speed. The rows are getting so long, and I’m such a snail. I’m plodding onwards, but aiming for an Easter finish 🙂


  2. Oh no, I’d go crazy if I hurt myself like that! My friend has just taken up knitting but she has a problem with her wrists and can’t do it for long, it must be really frustrating for you. At least you have that lovely bag to look at! 🙂


    1. I’m able to stitch again, but have to take it easy. No marathon sessions for me! I seem to have compensated by filling every project bag I own with something new to make, but I can live with that 🙂


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