FO: Spring Peacock



It’s so nice when you find a work colleague who a)likes taking photographs, b)is good at it and c)understands the importance of photographing hand-stitched items!

Its brilliant to have this finished, blocked and photographed. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I literally took it off the mats and put it on, I was so keen to have it. Considering that when I got about three-quarters of the way through, I was fairly sure I wasn’t going to have enough yarn, I’m even more delighted with it.

It’s worked as a baktus, so you start at one end, make increases until the middle, then decrease again to the other end. These types of patterns are perfect for using up every last yard of yarn, as the size just depends on how much you have. I weighed mine as it looked like I had about half left, and started the decreases when I had 52g. Except it really, really didn’t look like enough yarn, and I was trying to work what I would do when I ran out. Determined to get all I could out of it, I kept going and kept going, and was incredibly startled to discover that not only did I have enough, there was a whole 8m left over! Shows that the maths doesn’t lie, even if it is deceptive.


Ravelry Project Page
Yarn: Comiston fingering weight by The Yarn Yarn (unavailable) in Peacock.
Pattern: Spring Crescent
Hook: 3.5mm
Brooch is by Susan Sharpe Ceramics and matches perfectly.*

This yarn is so wonderful, and the colour so vibrant, that I knew I needed a solid, simple pattern to show it off. The edging is dead easy, and the two-row repeat easily memorised, although I also used 4 stitch markers as prompts. I like the contrast of the ribbing at the top with the plain lower part, then the pretty edging. This was one of the patterns I recommended for The Golden Skein and their #Freeyourskeins2015 project, and it definitely hasn’t let me down.


Linking up with Freshly Finished Friday at a Hardknitlife.

*And if you’re thinking “hmmm, porcelein brooch, sounds a bit fragile,” I’ve been wearing this one a couple of times a week for a few years now, and while plastic ones have chipped and cracked, this just keeps on going!


3 thoughts on “FO: Spring Peacock

  1. Gorgeous! Talk about pairing the perfect yarn with the perfect pattern! I’ve also added the Golden Skein to my blog roll per your prompt and my queue is growing!! Shame! Thanks for linking up!


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