Yarn Along: One for me, one for you


Nobody faint, but this is not my rainbow shawl this week. It’s blocking at the moment, ready to show you on Friday along with the gripping story of completion. Well. It was gripping for me, anyway.

With me today I have something for me, and something for someone else. I don’t normally carry around 2 projects, but I’m off to my knitting group tonight at the pub, and I need something simple for then so that I can stitch and talk at the same time. The back of the cardigan is my “one for you” project, which is chugging along nicely and has reached a “repeat these two easy rows” stage, so that’s the job for coffee break and tonight. For times when I don’t have to do two things at once – on the bus, or at lunchtime – I’ve got a hat that I started last night when I finished my shawl. After complaining recently that there’s not as much choice for interesting crochet hats, I thought I’d better put my yarn where my mouth is and make one of the interesting patterns that I’ve actually got! It’s the Gnarled bark hat by Joanna Scrace, in a fingering weight yarn. Given the colour, I’m thinking more ‘rumpled leaves’ than bark, but it’s not as hard as it looks, and is coming on nicely. Although I am wondering if I should be making the large rather than the medium. I should probably measure again before I get too far and have more to rip out!

It’s been quite around here for a few days, as I spent the end of last week and much of the weekend in the grip of nasty anxiety, with the full-on head-spinning and butterflies in the tummy. By Sunday, I was worn out from the constant adrenaline rushes! This week is going better, though, so if you suddenly get a late comment on an old blog post, that’s probably me, trying to catch up.

wolf hall cover

Speaking of catching up, I’m about halfway through listening to Wolf Hall, and the TV series starts tonight. It’s a brilliant recording, I really recommend it, and I’m rattling through it in a way that I don’t think I would have managed with the printed book. My love for audiobooks is growing and growing, although I think I’m going to take a break after this one and catch up on some podcasts. Having re-learned to love books, my podcast library is growing alarmingly! As I sometimes do with my blog-reader, maybe it’s time for a bit of a cull. Discovering knitting podcasts didn’t help, and although I’ve added a bunch of sewing ones as well, I think I’m going to have to cut those, rather than start and instantly get behind. There are only so many hours in the day for listening, really. Although I wonder if I listen through the night as well, if I’d wake up suddenly knowing a lot more about knitting. Subliminal learning, anyone? 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Yarn Along: One for me, one for you

  1. Those look amazing! The blue one reminds me of the sea! Always a good thing. Can’t wait to see the rainbow shawl. Glad this week is going better for you.


    1. Thanks. Last week was such a slog, it’s nice to have a break! I managed to get some decent pictures of the rainbow shawl today, so hopefully I can get it on the blog tomorrow 🙂


  2. What did you think of Wolf Hall on telly? I enjoyed the sets and costumes, they had clearly done their research and it really set the mood for me. So often I watch these things and notice this and that wrong or inaccurate, but this time I was pleasantly surprised. I haven’t read the book though, how well did they get the story?


    1. As I’m so near the end of the book, I thought I’d finish it before watching the TV version. I’ve heard really good things about it, though – the conclusion seems to be that they’ve done a great job (I even read one review that said it was better than the book!). I’ve only got 20 minutes to go on the audiobook, so I’ll watch this weekend and let you know!


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