The Blogger Below Me

I’m afraid this picture illustrates nothing apart from the fact that I have new, fuzzy-lined boots and am a little bit in love with them.

If you’re on a Ravelry forum (or any message board) you may have come across the game ‘The person below me’. The idea is that the first person in the thread makes a statement about ‘the person below me’. Something like “The person below me has more than three works in progress.” The next person replies to the statement with true or false, usually expanding on it a little (“True. There are ten”), then makes another statement, to which the next person replies, and so on and so forth. It makes for a nice, chatty thread and can be a good way to get to know people.

It occurred to me yesterday as I was adding my link to Ginny’s Yarn Along that when it comes to link parties, I tend to start at the top. After all, it’s a list of blog posts, of course I’m going to start at the beginning. Except with big link parties, that can often mean that if you don’t get your link in the first ten or so spots, you’re probably not going to get very visited. It’s not just about the raw statistics of saying “ooh, I had a squillion more hits today,” it’s about the conversations that spring up as a result. I know that if I’m in the top row of blogs, I’ll talk to twice as many people as if I’m in the last row. Also, because of timezones, some people will always be able to post first, while others will always be later. If I always start at the top, I’ll never meet anyone new.

So yesterday, I started at the end of the link party list and worked backwards. I don’t comment on every blog I open, but I found some lovely people, some of whom went straight into my Feedly, and I never would have had the time to find if I’d started at the top. Especially for small blogs, one or two nice comments can be a real boost. So if you’re someone who normally starts at the top of link parties, why not try starting in the middle or at the end? You never know who you might find!

On that topic, earlier in the week, I promised you a list of all the link parties I’ve found so far. This is far from complete, but is all the ones I can find at the moment:

Monday: 15 in 2015 right here! (well, I can’t leave myself out, can I??)
Tuesday: Love your Library at Snapdragon crafts, Keep Calm and Craft on at Frontier Dreams
Wednesday: Yarn Along at Ginny’s, Stitchalong Wednesday at Gracey’s Goodies
Friday: Freshly Finished at Hardknitlife, Creative Friday at Natural Suburbia, Fibre Arts Friday at Wisdom

There’s also the hastag #fromstash2015 which Rachel at My Life in Knitwear has invited people to join in with, and if you listen to any podcasts, you’ll find a few dozen stitch-alongs to join in with. There has to be something for everyone out there, I’m sure. Have fun!


6 thoughts on “The Blogger Below Me

  1. Love the boots! I love the idea of randomly going through the link parties. I always skim through and find the pictures that look interesting or the project that really catches my eye. Of course I was at the end of the Ginny’s link because I am always late!


    1. I tend to be more methodical, I think, but end up closing a lot of tabs because the posts don’t chime with me. I definitely need to take my own advice!


  2. Those boots look super cozy! Also loving the idea of starting at the bottom of a link-up! So true with timezones and people who are so prompt with their posting it makes it tough to be near the top 🙂 I’m going to have to check into the “blogger below me :)”


    1. It gets kind of scary sometimes. If I happen to refresh the page just as the linky goes up, by the time I’ve got my link in, I’m fourth or fifth on the page! People are seriously quick off the mark. It’ll be nice to share some love around to people who aren’t so speedy with their mouse finger 🙂

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  3. That is very true about the ‘person below me’ and I’m wondering if that is how you came to my blog (I’m always late to all the link parties!!) – in any case, thank you for visiting and leaving a comment, it’s always nice to meet new people. 🙂


    1. I think I found you by picking pictures that caught my eye, rather than just going through the list. It’s a much better way to meet people, I think 🙂 hi!


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