15 in 2015: The Tricky Second Date

I spent a happy hour or so last night sorting my collection of solids. While I have a rather large collection of neutrals as well, I think I prefer my rainbow of colours!

It’s very, very easy to start things in the first week of January. In fact, it’s very easy to start things in general, whatever date you being. You get to about day six and start thinking ‘ooh, clearly this is a habit now, I’ve been doing it for ages’. Then you get to day ten and the shine starts to wear off. By day fifteen, about half the things have been semi-abandoned and you’re surrounded by works in progress (of all types) and wondering how that happened when you were going to be so good this year.

Or is that just me?

Part of the point of setting 15 ‘sets’ of goals for 2015 was to pace myself. To remember that it’s better to build habits that plunge right in. And yet at the weekend, I found myself glancing through the list thinking “Gosh, I’d better get on with things or I’ll never get them done.” The year hadn’t even reached double figures and I was already berating myself for being slow!

So this second post for 15 in 2015 is a reminder. A placeholder. I have 15 sets of goals, none of them are to be done in a rush, all of them are to be taken slowly and steadily, to fill the year and build good habits. Let’s see what we’ve got:


15 Crochet projects: I’ve now finished two, which is pretty good going.
14 new recipes tried twice: We had a second go at the Slow Cooked Pork with ginger from Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey book, and this time, I got it spot on. It’s absolutely delicious, and as we had everything in but the pork, not too expensive, especially considering it did 4 portions. Definitely one for the repertoire.
13 weeks at Slimming World: I joined last week, so that’s one down, twelve to go.
12 books finished: Thanks to the wonder of audiobooks, I’ve managed to get through three already. It feels like cheating, though, and I’m debating whether or not to count only the books I read on paper. Still, three books is almost the total of what I read last year, so that’s something!
10 letters or birthday cards sent: Over-achieving on this one too, I sent a parcel out last week with a letter in it. As it won’t arrive for about two months (and the recipient reads this blog), I won’t say anything about it yet, but at least it went out.

A lovely pile of lovely fabric. Too lovely to sit in piles! I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to some of this through the year, now I know what I’ve got!

In addition, I’ve been having a really good sort out of both my yarn and fabric stashes, which helps towards my ZERO stash-acquisition goal for the year – it’s easier not to buy more when you know you’ve got lots! I even found a good app for cataloguing my fabric, more of which soon.

My 15 in 2015 list gives me 120 little goals for the year, and by 12th January, I’ve already managed 8 of them. To complete them all by the end of the year, I need to meet an average of 10 in a month, so I’m definitely a head of myself. Thinking of it as 10 a month (especially when 4 of them are effectively “turn up” rather than “do this”) feels more manageable, I think, and helps me remember that the key word is sustainability rather than achievement.

I’ve noticed there’s quite a few things going on on twitter with the hashtag #15in2015, so do have a browse. I’ve been looking around at the various link parties, hashtags and ‘join in’s around the place, so I’ll try to summarise what I’ve found tomorrow. Given it’s about this time of year that the shine starts to wear off, how’s everyone doing out there?


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