FO Friday: Verdant Shawl Mark II




I’ve got a few things to share, mostly that I made over Christmas, but I wanted to start with this one in case I do what I usually do, and just start wearing it, forgetting that I haven’t blogged it!

This is my second Verdant Shawl, and once again, the pattern didn’t let me down. My last one was made in an orange yarn, which was lovely but went with absolutely nothing in my wardrobe. I wore it anyway, feeling a little self-conscious, and decided I would have to give the pattern another go, this time in a colour I’d wear a lot.

The yarn is Crannog, no longer available, and it’s a beautiful semi solid. I think you can just about see the shades of colour in these pictures. You do need a wooly yarn for the pattern, or the cables won’t show up. It’s a great 4-row, easily memorised repeat, which is my favourite sort of crocheting, even if by the last row I was getting a little bored. Most of it was done in the car or in front of the TV, which distracted me from the endless final rows but not enough that I lost track of what I was doing.

It’s a lovely, unusual shape, and if you’ve never worked with crochet cables before, it’s a nice introduction. For me, I like the way it comes together at the front, almost like a cape. I tend to wear my shawls in the office for warmth, and being able to pin it together securely and neatly makes a big difference.

I’m joining up with Jenna for the brand new ‘Freshly Finished Friday’ link party today. It’s nice to have a Friday link-up again, and I’ll definitely be using it to see what people have made this week. Come join us!


11 thoughts on “FO Friday: Verdant Shawl Mark II

  1. Oh, that’s lovely! I really like the shape and the color. And thanks for the link to “Freshly Finished Friday”, too. Since Tami (of Tami’s Amis) seems to have quit handling the WIP Wednesdays and FO Fridays, I was rather at a loss, because I’m not disciplined enough to host such things myself.

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