Yarn Along: Focus (The clue’s in the title)

There’s a certain irony to writing a long blog post on the theme of ‘being focussed’. On the plus side, it got it out of my system, even if it’s destined to languish in my ‘drafts’ folder. Not that it isn’t witty and wonderful, it’s just that it’s also rather long. While you’re missing out on some of my more sparkling prose, I don’t think you’re missing much else apart from a lot of waffle! Let’s try that again, this time actually sticking to the title of the blog post.


To my slight surprise, I’ve actually been reading fairly regularly over the last month or so. I’ve got through two audiobooks and am making my way more slowly through Walk the Lines. The pace is appropriate to the book, though, as much of it is a list of things you see when you walk the Tube lines in London. It’s a fascinating idea, but the execution can be a little dry. Dipping in and out works fairly well, though, and I’m learning a lot about my home city.

For stitching, I’ve had this Spring Crescent shawl with me most of the time, and it’s rattling along nicely. The two-row repeat is easily memorised, the stitch markers keep me on track, there’s no counting, and at some point, I’ll stop increasing and start decreasing. In a move that was clearly short-sighted, I forgot to bring my kitchen scales with me today, so judging where the halfway point is might prove difficult. Still, the worst-case scenario is that I get carried away and have to rip out a couple of rows, which I can probably live with. The yarn is so lovely that I don’t think I’ll mind having to crochet a few metres of it twice!

I’m joining up with Ginny this week as usual, as well as dropping into a few other link parties to see who’s hanging out there. I’ll report back next week!


15 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Focus (The clue’s in the title)

    1. Thanks! Yes, the pattern is called ‘Spring Crescent’ on Ravelry. I had a bit of trouble getting into it, but I’m pretty happy now I’m actually going. Definitely recommend it.


    1. Thank you! I love my quirky stitch markers 🙂

      The yarn is Comiston from the now-sadly-closed “The Yarn Yard” shop. Natalie is out of action at the moment, but hopefully she’ll start up again later in the year and more will be available. It’s my second time working with this yarn, and it’s absolutely wonderful.


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