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Well, how could I resist a link up with that title? Actually, I’m not very good at resisting link-ups at all, if I’m honest, but this one caught my eye in particular. One of my 15 in 2015 goals is to use 11 patterns from my current stash, and this seems a great way to do it. It’s hosted by Emily at Snapdragon Crafts and has a rather nifty banner. I do like a good banner 🙂


I noticed in scrolling through the Ravelry threads that some people had picked particular books to work through, with Curls being popular, as well as books of socks and toys. For me, I’m going to pick 2 ebooks of patterns, and supplement with single patterns that I want to make as I go.


First up is Legendary Shawls by Aoibhe Ni. I’ve made the Phoenix shawl and hat from the book already, and having done a fair bit of Tunisian Lace now, I’m confident to tackle more. I’d actually already wound the yarn for ‘Freya’ and put it in my queue, so that’s a nice piece of serendipity. After a happy half hour of plotting, I’ve managed to find yarn in the stash for the other 6 patterns, and added those to my queue as well. Experience tells me that these will not be quick projects, so they’ll go in line after my Silver Stole is finished. It’s not a good plan to have 2 big shawls on the go at once, but one big project and one mobile project tends to work for me.


Second up is one of my Christmas presents, Patchwork City by Elizabeth Hartman. I love her quilting style anyway, and this book has absolutely blown me away. My dream would be to make one of the Sampler Quilts (not the HUGE one!) by the end of the year, fitting other projects around it. Given I have 5 quilts in various stages of progress at the moment, I’ll try to finish one of them, then make a few sampler blocks, finish one, make some sampler blocks, etc etc, rather than go at it all at once. It should make a good dent in the fabric stash!

I’ll probably add more -alongs as I go through January, although I’m going to try not to gather one for every day of the week! Any more that I should be checking out? What are you signed up to so far? Or are you resolutely (heh) ploughing your own furrow?


7 thoughts on “Blog, blog, blogging along – Love your Library

    1. The cover shawl really is incredible, isn’t it? I can’t wait to make it!

      Ooh, I don’t know either of those link ups, thanks. I’ll make sure I check them out.


  1. I’ve started hosting a Wednesday Stitch Along….I also joined two for Zuzu’s Petals and one for Downtown Abbey….this Friday a new finished objects will start with A Hard Knit Life…


  2. Oh wow–I love that you included a quilting book too! I can’t tell you how many sewing books I have lingering unused as well … maybe once I get enough toys knit I’ll dig into my quilting collection! The only unmentioned link-up that I join in on is Yarn Along (also on Wednesday’s) with Ginny–


    1. I may have let out a rather undignified squeak when I opened my Christmas parcel to find that quilting book inside. I like to move between crafts, so hopefully that will help me keep up with things.

      Of course I forgot to mention Ginny’s, which is the only link-up I’ve been doing lately! Hopefully with yours on at the beginning of the week, Ginny in the middle and Jenna at the end, I can be a better blogger this year than I was last 🙂


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