15 in 2015 – Gathering my thoughts

Happy new year, folks. Did everyone get a good break over the holidays? Apart from the few days around Christmas, I had a fairly quiet time, doing lots of sorting, tidying, cleaning and cooking while Himself locked himself in the study to revise. Exams start this morning, which is scary, but also means we’re closer to getting our lives back! I won’t lie, the last 3 months of 2014 were a real slog, and I’m looking forward to getting my husband back!


Speaking of looking forwards, I’ve started work on my 15 in 2015 goals! I finished a crochet project last night, which isn’t bad for only 4 days into the New Year. Technically, I finished another on 1st January, but after going backwards and forwards, I’ve decided that this one doesn’t count, as I was over 75% of the way through. The others I’ve got going will count, because they’re much closer to the start, but as I only needed 2 car journeys to finish this one off, I feel it would be cheating to include it. And since I’m setting the rules, I get to decide these things!


This is it on the blocking wires – more details on Friday when I’ve had a chance to take some proper picturs.

For the new year, I’ve noticed that there are some great blog parties and link-ups to get you going and keep you motivated. Snapdragon crafts is running a ‘Love your Library’ challenge, which fits nicely with my own goals, as I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few days updating my Ravelry library. I’m determined to stitch from things I’ve already paid for before I buy more! For more pattern ideas, The Golden Skein are posting single-skein patterns every day this year, although as they’re primarily a knitting site, I’m not expecting to get much inspiration there myself. I’ve been listening to quite a few podcasts as well, and -alongs abound, from sweater KALs to an interesting discussion in Chrissy’s Ravelry Group about creating a gift-box through the year. That definitely appeals, as I was still sewing like crazy on Christmas Eve this year!

One of the projects that had me stitching until the last minute!

Something else I’ve noticed from both reading and podcast-listening is that almost no one is making resolutions. Lots of goal-setting, word-choosing and general thinky thoughts, but hardly anyone is ‘resolving’ to do anything this year. It feels like a good shift, from setting unrealistic targets to wanting to see long-term change. I do think the new year is a good time to do this, but I’ve been loving the general tone that we should be kind to ourselves and look for sustainable, achievable goals rather than quick-fixes that don’t fix anything.

Incidentally, if anyone comes across a good crochet podcast, please let me know. I love knitters, I really do, but listening to knitting podcasts makes me feel like I’m standing outside the window, looking in at a great party inside. While it makes me smile, it does make me long for a conversation I can properly join in with, rather than having to dip in and out. I know a lot of it is universal, but it would be nice not to have to keep mentally substituting in ‘crocheting/stitching’ whenever they say ‘knitting’! Anyone heard any good ones? Or any good quilting/sewing ones? Podcasting feels like a very ‘knitting’ activity at the moment, but hopefully it will catch on in other crafts soon.

But enough musing, the real question is, what have I managed to finish?


Over Christmas, my mother-in-law was admiring her sister’s hat and mentioned that they would have to make a trip to the shop in the next town before heading back home. As I’d been admiring it as well, I knew it was similar to one I’d already made, and offered to make her a copy. It’s not exactly the same as the original was knitted, but at least that means they won’t turn up to the same thing in matching hats!


The pattern is the Swirls Cap, which is incredibly easy and fun to make, and the yarn is a merino/soya mix handspun by Kirsty at Wharfedale Woolworks. It was a lovely yarn to work with, and the thick-and-thin gave the hat a really interesting texture, making it much more interesting than a plain grey hat would have been.

So that’s one goal down, 119 to go! If you’d like to let folks know how you’re doing, then just add your link below.


11 thoughts on “15 in 2015 – Gathering my thoughts

    1. Thanks 🙂 It was a quick, satisfying thing to make.

      Yay! That’s a good start so early in the year! Look forward to hearing about it 🙂


  1. What a fun hat!! I’m with you in noticing a more kind approach to changes in the new year. Definitely something to be mindful of. Best of luck with your goals!! And I’ll keep my ear to the ground for a crocheting podcast 🙂


    1. Gently, gently seems to be the way for 2015, which I heartily approve of.

      Thanks! It’s not anti-knitting thing, rather that it would be nice to listen to something in my own language 🙂 Here’s hoping they’re out there!


  2. The New Year always makes me want to join in with things and I hadn’t come across the ones you mention, which look really interesting. Re Crochet podcasts…. I have not listened to it myself, but I came across a link to one called Bro-Chet (a Brother who crochets) and he is sure to reference others.


    1. Last year, I was resolute (heh) in *not* joining things, as I found I kept dropping out and couldn’t take the sense of failure. This year, I’m feeling more up to social things – I’m going to join in with a few, with a reminder that I’m allowed not to do them if I don’t want to!

      I hadn’t come across the Brochet one, as it’s YouTube and I tend to listen on the move. Will check him out though, thanks. Podcasters are very good about recommending each other!


  3. SO true about the lack of crochet podcasts! There used to be crochet in the Lion Brand podcast but that no longer runs and I vaguely remember The Crochet Dude or something similar? Any chance we can talk you into starting one?!


    1. As with patterns, it’s really tricky trying to get the balance – I love knitting blogs, patterns and podcasts, but I’m starting to think that if I want the same thing in crochet, I’m going to have to do it myself. Although more knitters are branching into crochet and bringing their aesthetic with them, which makes me happy (you know who you are ;D)

      Oddly enough, I used to do a lot of audio recording in another life, so I have a good microphone and know how to use editing software. So that’s not a no, more of a “WIBBLE, CAN I DO THIS?” 🙂


      1. Sounds like you’re pretty much set-up and ready to record! I think you’d be really good as you explain things very clearly and in a way people understand. Fingers crossed the wibbles pass and we see your first crochet cast soon!


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