15 in 15

Magnolia bud against blue skyOne of my favourite pictures of the year.

It’s fairly traditional at this time of year, I think, to start thinking about the next 12 months and decide what you want to do with them. New Year’s Resolutions are notoriously difficult to keep, mostly because everyone sets unachievable targets. I do want to have a better year – 2014 has been hard in all kinds of ways – but I don’t want to set myself up for failure. I’m looking for good habits that take time to establish, not turning everything upside down in an instant.

After some thought, I cam up with the list below. Some are ambitious, some less so. Although they range widely, they’re all really for one thing, which is to build on each other and give me a good year. Most are things I’d like to do anyway, and really, writing down a list of them is just a way to remind myself I’m getting somewhere. Everyone likes crossing things off a list! Others are things I’ve been thinking about for a while, and am starting to feel ready to tackle. Initially, the idea had been to just come up with 15 things to do in 2015, which would be the more traditional form of the challenge. But it didn’t feel like much of a stretch, and it didn’t really take into account that some things are easier to achieve than others. Crochet projects? Not a problem. Go running? That one’s a little harder. To compensate, I decided to make the numbers of the list the number of those things I wanted to do. Hang on, does that make sense? Hopefully it’s clear when you look at the list!

My idea is to update my blog on progress twice a month – once in the middle, and once at the end, and I’ll kick things off on 5th January, once we’re all recovered from the holiday and back to work. If you fancy joining me, I’ll set up a link party for it each time – just add Made in Oxford to your blog-reader (I use Feedly, but I’m listed on BlogLovin as well) and join in when I put up the post.

Close up of a grey crochet shawl

My favourite project of the year, my Dahlia Shawl

The Big Giant List*

*PennyLibrarian was the only person to get this reference. I think I owe you a skein of yarn, Penny, just for making me smile!

15 Crochet projects
I’d originally said ‘new’ crochet projects, but have decided Works in Progress will also count towards this.

14 New recipes tried twice
I’m really good at finding new things to cook, and I’m really good at cooking old standards over and over. Once we’ve tried things twice, it generally ends up in our repertoire, which I’d like to expand this year.

13 Weeks at Slimming World
Hopefully after 13 weeks, I’ll be in the habit, but creating that habit is the hardest part. 13 weeks is one quarter of the year, which should be enough to set me back on track.

12 Books finished
I’ve barely done any reading in 2014, which I really miss. Books include audiobooks, library books, fiction and non-fiction, but I want to read from what I’ve already got and from the library, rather than buying new.

11 Patterns used from my current stash
Just like yarn, I have a huge pattern collection, and yet am continually drawn to buy more, which is a waste of what I already have. Books, magazines, single patterns in all crafts, everything counts towards this.

10 Letters and birthday cards sent
My memory is terrible, and I often miss people’s birthdays or hold back on sending notelets. Which is sad, because I love to get post and would like to be better at this in 2015

9 Friends emailed
Like most people, I have friends scattered around the world who I tend to assume I’m in touch with because I see their posts on Facebook. it’s not the same, and I’d like to pick up some of those threads again.

8 Patterns written
I’ve got ideas in my head and sketches in my notebook that I’ve lacked the confidence to turn into something ‘real’. I’d like to get some of those out there.

7 Knitting projects
That’s just over one every two months, which seems about right for the rate I knit! I’m going to pace myself, finishing off simple projects first, then building up my skillset. I’m fairly happy reading lace patterns, so cables are next, then knitting in the round and by the end of the year, I’d like to make myself something from Yokes.

6 Quilts finished
I have at least three that are cut out and enough fabric to make all of these. And more! But one every two months seems about right.

5 Kilometres run
This is probably the hardest goal on the list. I sometimes struggle to run for the bus, and having seen friends succeed lately, I’m encouraged to give Couch to 5k a go.

4 Tops made
I’ve yet to find a top pattern that really works for me, so the first task is to track one down!

3 Dresses and/or skirts made
I’m really good at cutting out the pieces and really bad at putting them together. This year, I’d like my clothes to be all in one piece!

2 Thumbs healed
For as long as I can remember, I’ve picked at my thumbs. While I’ve improved massively in the last year, I’d like 2015 to be the year I can make a crochet tutorial without having to put plasters on them.

1 Pair of trousers made
This is one for the last quarter of the year definitely. It’s more about stretching myself a little and getting over my fear of dressmaking. Having this on this list I’m hoping will help me with the other dressmaking goals, as I’ll need the experience to get there!

0 Stash acquired
This isn’t a shopping ban. If I need a particular weight yarn for a gift, a top up to finish a project, or some backing fabric, that’s fine. But I want to stop buying ‘for the sake of it’ or ‘for the stash’. I need some focus back, which is what this list is all about!


14 thoughts on “15 in 15

    1. A good number of them are things I would do anyway, like the crochet and quilting, so part of it is giving myself credit for them!

      The idea is to make it low pressure and achievable 🙂 have a lovely christmas!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. What a fabulous Big Giant List! I’m already looking forward to seeing how to get along. BTW no skein required – I’m happy to have shared a cultural reference, it made me smile too! I hope that you have a happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. Penny x


    1. Purloin away! I find having a structure to these things useful – it stops me setting a ridiculous number of unachievable things, as well as stopping me selling myself short. Here’s hoping it works…


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