Yarn Along: Are we nearly there yet?

I have reached that sort of strange calm plateau you get when you’re very, very busy and have no idea where to start. Pratchett talks about passing through the rapids of panic and reaching the calm stretch of utter terror beyond, and I know exactly what he means. I’m still working my way through ‘And I shall wear midnight’, so the quote’s been on my mind this week. He’s got a pretty good handle on human nature, and Tiffany remains a favourite character.

Despite my best efforts in October and November, we are 15 days off Christmas and I have sorted exactly two presents. But it will all be fine, I have four days off in which to put everything together. I’m sure this is a do-able thing. *gulp*

Incidentally, if you’re looking for something to buy, my Etsy shop and my Ravelry Trade page are still running and well-stocked. Hint, hint πŸ˜‰

Christmas stitching obviously can’t be talked about, but I’ve also been working on my Christmas present to myself, my Christmas Stars cardigan.


The yarn (Cascade Venezia) is just wonderful to work with, and the fabric is thick, soft and drapey. I’m up to the waist shaping, and if I keep going at this rate, I think I’ll have it done for wearing on Christmas day. I hope! I can do exactly one row on my bus journey to work, and two or three on my way home (heavier traffic). Although I’ll confess, I’ve been a little distracted while at home, working on my Big Giant Quilt*.

(apologies for the blurriness – my phone doesn’t cope well with being held above my head in artificial light!)

I have to honest, it was not this big in my head. Next time, I will draw the size I want, then make the design to fit, not the other way around! It’s about 80×108 inches, and our living room floor was nowhere near big enough for me to spread it out to baste it. I tried doing it section by section, but the backing creased horrendously. So my lovely husband had the idea of doing some slight furniture rearrangement to fit it in.


Believe it or not, even then I couldn’t quite lay it flat in the bottom right hand corner. It’s a beast! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud of it, but Oh. Good. Grief.

To see if other people have had more sensible weeks, head over to Ginny’s by clicking the picture below.

*Am I the only one who gets this reference? I’m tempted to offer a small prize ball of yarn to the first person who does, on the basis that then I will not just be smiling to myself and looking slightly mad.


3 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Are we nearly there yet?

  1. Absolutely love the Christmas stars cardigan pattern! I was going to make quite a few gifts this year but December came around too quickly. I started a shawl but realised I’d never get it done before Christmas so it became a scarf instead, haha.


    1. It’s amazing how good crafters are at improvising πŸ˜‰ Turning it into a scarf sounds like the perfect plan!

      Thanks πŸ™‚ I live with the happy delusion that I will get the cardigan finished, and no one can tell me otherwise!


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