Yarn Along: productive or distracted?

I’m having the sort of day (week, month) that sort of makes me want to run away and become a yak-herder, so I’m clinging on hard here at the moment. I’ve noticed in the past that my crafting output tends to increase when I’m struggling, probably as a distraction activity. On the downside, that doesn’t actually work. On the upside, I have a lot to show for my time!


I spent the weekend decorating the living room for Christmas, something I’d normally leave strictly until December, but as it was the first weekend in Advent, and as we’ll be away for most of the Christmas season, I decided to start early this year. There are still a few bits and pieces to finish, but I’m mostly done.


These are probably the things I’m most proud of. Our sofa cushions are brown and stripey, which matches the room most of the year, but as my decorating scheme was silver, gold and grey, I decided the only thing to do was make new covers. They started out plain, but at some point I decided they needed decorating, and as the dark fabric was too dark to show anything up well, the two-tone design was born. My original intention had been to embroider everything with metallic embroidery thread but good grief that stuff is difficult to use. The metallic coating comes off the black underthread as soon as you look at it funny, and it tends to get stuck in the fabric. If you do use it, I strongly recommend a large needle-size to create a big enough hole for it to run through. As it happens, I’m quite pleased with my 4-colour design, even if some of the circles are more like polygons! Embroidery is not my best craft, but I’ve decided not to worry, no one’s going to look that closely. And if they do, at least the zips are inserted properly.


I’m ridiculously proud of these, I really am. Normally I use invisible zips, as I have a special foot to help me insert those, and I find them quite easy. Putting on a normal zip without instructions? I’m awarding myself a gold star. Or possibly a silver snowflake! More on the decorating next week once I’ve got the final parts in place.

There’s been plenty of yarn action going as well. Apart from the little start that I talked about last week, I’ve added a few rows to my Christmas cardigan:


This yarn could be addictive, I think. It’s soft and not too splitty and is making a wonderful fabric. Something’s gone a bit wrong with my maths on the last row, and the final star has ended up in the wrong place, so I need to make a decision either to live with it, or do some serious maths to work out what happened. Guess which is my preference right now…

That’s gone on the back burner for the last few days, though, as I’ve been adding to this cardigan for my mum:


It’s the Ridge Swing Cardigan in a Rowan Wool Cotton, and has been crazy-easy so far. Although I wouldn’t have agreed to make it at all if it hadn’t been by one of my favourite crochet designers, Robyn Chachula, as I knew I could rely on the pattern to be well-written and easy to make. I’ve used up 3 balls of yarn so far, and am stopping until I can hold what I’ve got up to its recipient and check it at least vaguely fits. Crochet is definitely the quick way to make a cardigan, but it’s not so fast that I want to risk going much further without a quick measure!

After that flurry of activity, I still have things planned for the weekend, and just have to hope I don’t burn out my sewing machine motor in the process 🙂 To see what other people have been working on this week, head over to Ginny’s by clicking the picture below.


17 thoughts on “Yarn Along: productive or distracted?

    1. Thanks. I’m hanging on desperately for the weekend, then my 2 days off next week. 4 whole days of nothing-to-do – bliss!

      Heh, ‘whipped up’ is maybe a little exaggerated. It took all Sunday afternoon and two evenings – totally worth it, though! Once I get an idea like that, it doesn’t stop bugging me until I get it done!


    1. Heh, yes, at least you can look back and say “I didn’t get anything I needed to done, but wow I made a lot of stuff” 🙂 It’s better than sitting around worrying, that’s for sure! Glad I’m not the only one 🙂


  1. Metal wrapped threads are often better couched, but if it’s very fine that would be fiddly. Your cushions are lovely, very elegant. The cardigans both look promising.


    1. That’s interesting about the threads. I’ve heard of couching but not really looked at it – will have a hunt, thanks. I’ve been meaning to improve my embroidery for a while!


  2. I have one room (our den) with the same white, brown, grey Christmas ‘color’ scheme!!!! LOVE those pillows…..I found some large grey snowflake pillows at our local Lowes and they look good–just not great like yours!!!


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