Yarn Along: It’s beginning to look a lot like…

…I might have started more things than I can finish. Just for a change.

After getting in a bit of an overwhelmed muddle last week, I decided yesterday that I needed to pick just a few things to concentrate on, preferably ones with deadlines so that I didn’t get to the last minute (as usual). So I’ve put various projects into official ‘hibernation’ on Ravelry, which gives me permission not to work on them for a while, and I’ve gone through my sewing projects and worked out which ones I do and don’t have to do by Christmas.

The sewing ones are mostly theoretical at this stage! For crochet, I’m starting with this, which looks unassuming, but is part of a grand plan:

Long strip of crochet in stripes of various shades of grey

For the last few years, we haven’t done much for Christmas decorations except put up a tree, but for some reason this year, I have the urge to do a little…more. Okay, a lot more. Pinterest may have been involved. I’ve got a bag of sparkly things sitting in the corner of the room, and the quiet strip of crochet fabric above is the start of a Christmas wreath. It’s my first time working with Styelcraft DK, and I can actually see what the fuss is about. For a dead cheap yarn, it’s easy to work with, not too squeaky and the colours are great. The next job is to work out how to decorate it, and just how carried away I want to get. I’ll be instagramming progress over the weekend if you want to see how I get on!

Speaking of Instagram, I put this photo up at the weekend, when I was seeking inspiration:


For the first time ever, I really really really want a Christmas jumper. Not necessarily a crazy Christmas jumper, more a sort of subtlely seasonal one. Possibly with sparkles. Having failed to find one I really like, clearly the only solution is to make one. After hunting through Ravelry for a while, I found this pattern, which I’m going to make in, you’ve guessed it, greys and white.

woman wearing an autumnal coloured sweater, holding a baske
Maple Falls Sweater by Joanne Scrace

Depending on time/yarn, I will probably also add sleeves. And I’ve got some black sparkle lace that I’m going to hold double with my dark grey around the yoke. There may also be beads and possible penguin buttons involved. Because oh yes, did I mention, I’m going to turn it into a cardigan. My first attempt last night was a little large, so I’m going to rip my starting row back – I want it cosy but not swamping! The yarn is Cascade Venezia, a merino/silk mix that is absolutely lovely, and as it works on a 5.5mm hook, I’m hoping it will go quite quickly. Quick enough to be done by Christmas? Watch this space…

The other thing I did last week was something I’ve actually been working on since July, but only went live last week.

Screenshot from Etsy of my fabric shop

Over the years, I’ve acquired a lot of fabric. I like vintage pieces, modern pieces, colours, plains, patterns and stripes and more or less anything that makes me go “ooooooh”. That’s to my stash being full to overflowing, and with some difficulty, I’ve gone through and pulled out some of the lovely things that I’m just never going to have the time to work with. These are all now listed in my Etsy shop, OxfordMakes (Made in Oxford was taken!), at bargain prices. The aim is to clear out, not make a profit. If you want to stock up and find the postage charges are piling up, get in touch and I’ll see about combining postage to make things more economical. There really are some lovely things in there, so please do have a look!

To go with that, I’ve also cleared out my yarn stash and put quite a lot on my Sale page. Apparently pre-Christmas is when I decide to do my spring cleaning! Again, things are priced to go, not to make money, and I’ll do all postage at cost. Help me out, people, I need the space!

I’m joining up with Ginny this week as usual, so click the button below to see what everyone else is working on.


8 thoughts on “Yarn Along: It’s beginning to look a lot like…

  1. another grey lover here, too!!! good luck in finishing your Christmas cardi!! you are far more ambitious than I am. I’ll be lucky to get the cardi i started the end of the summer finished before spring. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Yes, I thought I saw the beginnings of a wreath there! Looking forward to see more of the progress. And the Maple Falls Sweater pattern might just have a new buyer here thanks to your post. It has gone on my wishlist haha. Have a good weekend!


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