FO: E is for…

Thanks for the kind comments on Wednesday, folks. I have to admit, I expected more of them to be along the lines of “wow, COLOURS” than “wow, colourwork in crochet!” – apparently this is crochet’s best kept secret, and I feel an explanatory post coming on.

Until I have time to put that together, I’ve been on a bit of a roll finishing projects lately. This one got to its recipient last week, so I can finally show you my slightly dim pictures of it. They were taken in my office in poor light, but under the circumstances, they’re not terrible.


I made one of these monograms a few years ago when my friend had her first baby, so naturally I needed to make one for the second as well. Okay, she was born a month ago, but better late than never, right? A few years of experience really made the difference this time, and I think I got a much cleaner finish. I used fusible fleece, which I fused to the fabric before sewing on the buttons. I used my iPad as a ligthbox to trace the ‘e’ and laid out all the buttons beforehand. Despite this, my planned scheme didn’t quite work, as apparently buttons take up less room when sewn on than when placed. No, I have no idea how, but I was glad I had spares!


The ‘e’ turned out to be much trickier to layout than the ‘p’, probably because I didn’t have that strong, straight line to work from this time. As a consequence, the buttons are side by side rather than overlapping, but I still like the effect. The only mistake I really made was outlining the letter using my Frixxino pen, which has to be ironed to make it disappear. You can imagine how much fun I had trying to squeeze the iron between the buttons to get rid of it.


For the backing, I drew around the smaller embroidery hoop and cut a piece of stiff cardboard that size. I then used that to cut a piece of fabric about 1″ bigger than the cardboard. After some thought, I decided to risk just drawing in the edges, rather than messing around with glue (with me, that can get VERY messy). I secured the thread, basted around the circle about 1.5cm from the edge, then slowly and carefully pulled the thread tight to close it around the cardboard. This worked so well that I did the same on the main fabric, pulling it around the embroidery hoop to create a very neat and tidy edge.


Finally, I sewed the back onto the main fabric using ladder stitch, which nearly killed me but was worth the effort because it looks as though it’s held on there by magic. I threaded a little bit of green ribbon through the clasp at the top and tada!


If you search for ‘Button Monogram’, you’ll get lots and lots (and lots) of ideas, but I haven’t seen many in an embroidery hoop. I really like the effect, and it’s good to know it’s hanging next to its sister for another little girl 🙂


2 thoughts on “FO: E is for…

    1. I’ve found that as long as you outline the shape first, it’s pretty much a doddle. Not shown is my first attempt in the wrong colour and wrong shape! They make great quick-stitch gifts 🙂


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