FO: Replacement Patricia Shawl

Several months ago I lost my original Patricia shawl. It happened at the beginning of what turned out to be a disappointingly bad day, and was surprisingly upsetting. With my scatterbrain, I’m used to losing things, but I loved that shawl very much and was gutted that it was gone.

Of course, the thing with making things yourself is that you can always make them again, and that’s what I set out to do. This is my original, much-loved Patricia:

[Frustratingly, I never got around to taking FO photos D:]

And this is my new improved version (link goes to project page on Ravelry:


I’m not just saying that, incidentally – I really think this shawl is an improvement on the old. I like the colour better, and I tried out beading for the first time, which I’ve really enjoyed. And it helps that the yarn is gorgeous.


Pattern: Patricia Shawl by Mrs Mac, from Inside Crochet 48.
Yarn: Knitting Goddess Laceweight Merino Tencel in Violets
Notions: 3.5mm hook, beads. Lots of beads.

The beading was fun, not too difficult, and something I’m about to repeat. Having started out with a mixed tube that had been lurking in my stash for a while, I ended up ordering more from Beads Direct, which I wasn’t nearly as happy with. Not that there’s anything wrong with the beads, they just weren’t what I would have bought if I’d seen them in real life. Lesson learned – buy in person unless really sure what you want!

Between that and some bizarre sizing issues (for some reason, one side of the triangle came up about 6 inches shorter than the other, making the whole thing rather asymetrical), I didn’t think I’d like this shawl as much as I do. But I absolutely love it.


Wearing it makes me happy, the colour is so cheerful and the yarn so scrummy. And really, what more can you ask from a shawl than that?


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