Yarn Along: WIP Report.

Despite the comedy of yesterday’s post, things are rather stressful here at the moment with one thing and another, and I’m finding that for a lot of the time I am a)very tired and b)lacking anything approaching a normal attention span. Further evidence for this is that when I came to think “which WIP shall I post this week?” I had a moment of complete blankness.


Those are all the project bags with WsIP in them. Somehow, they didn’t look so…big…bundled up in the wardrobe at home.


For reading, I did download some audiobooks, but the first chapter wouldn’t work properly (not sure why, yet), and so I’ve gone back to my trusty podcasts. Really, you can’t beat Radio 4 for keeping you company all through the day. I’ve really been in the right frame of mind for short bursts rather than long concentration, which goes some way to explaining the list below!


1. Replacement Patricia shawl. This is going fairly well, and I’m into the home stretch at last. The joy of this shawl is that the last few rows are so short, so it feels like a sprint finish.


2. Silver shawl. You can’t tell from this picture that I’ve added a few rows to this, but the size of the yarn ball is telling me that I’m nearly done with the first half. This is a nice pottering project, but it’s reaching the point where it’s so big, it’s hard to work on out and about. Once my Patricia is finished, I think this will be my new sofa project.


3. Gloves. Yes, last week it was just a ball of wool, this week, it has fingers! It’s coming on nicely, and I hope to have this glove finished by the weekend so I can start on the second one. I don’t want to end up with second sock glove syndrome!


4. Spring Peacock shawl. I don’t think I’ve posted any pictures of this before, as it’s been my bedtime project. I’ve been adding to it little and often over the last few weeks, and am in no great rush. The yarn is the same base that my Dahlia was made from, although this is the 4ply rather than the lace. I absolutely love it, and am in no rush to finish!


5. Scheepjes CAL Blanket. I picked up this link on one of the Ravelry forums, and instantly knew it was the patten I’d been looking for for months. I have a stock of Cygnet DK that I bought when I first started crocheting, when I was buying it at 50p a ball from my local charity shop. Needless to say, I have rather a lot of it. (No, really. More than that.) I’d been trying to find a modular blanket pattern that I could love, and this is definitely it. The squares are HUGE, the pattern is interesting but easy, and I like the CAL structure, even if I’m a few weeks behind. Oh, and in the ‘Tips and Tricks’ at the website, there’s at tutorial for invisible joins that will change my crocheting FOREVER. It’s absolute genius, and I never would have found it without the CAL, so I will love the blanket for that, if nothing else.

Of course, as is traditional, I think I’m going to have to buy more yarn because each square uses so much, making my stash-busting project a stash-increaser.


6. Okay, okay, I haven’t technically started this one yet, but I’m there in my head, so I think it counts. I’ve been wanting to try knitting in the round for a while, and when Jane released this pattern yesterday, I knew I’d found the perfect starter project. Of course, being me, I want to use totally different yarn and will have to adjust the stitch counts, because clearly just learning to knit in the round isn’t complicated enough.

There are more project bags lurking at the back of the wardrobe, but as I haven’t actually worked on the projects in them this week, we’ll let them lie. Besides, I think this is probably enough to be going on with!

To see what others are up to this week, head over to Ginny’s by clicking the button below.

3 thoughts on “Yarn Along: WIP Report.

  1. I understand the stash of WIPs. Definitely going on over here…I think it’s good to have lots to work on, that way if you get bored, you can switch it up! I think the hat will be the perfect first project for knitting in the round! Can’t wait to see it all finished!


    1. The ‘if I get bored’ thing is definitely my excuse and I’m sticking to it! Although I’d like x-ray vision to remember what’s in each bag so I don’t go rooting through them all every time.

      Well, apparently this hat is great for learning to knit in the round, so here goes nothing!


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