FO: My Winter Hat

As I have found this week, hats are tricky beasts to photograph.


Somehow they just look sad without a head in them, don’t they?

But then you have the ‘selfie’ issue, which are easiest done on phones, in theory. Unless you’re me.


Yeah. I’m not sure that tells you much about the hat really. So then you have the ‘camera, tripod, timer’ approach. Which is fine if you can take pictures in daylight in your own space. Unfortunately at the moment, I can only take daylight pictures at work, and that means ducking students who are looking at their librarian like she’s kind of a crazy person. Some colleagues are happy to take photos, but in all honesty, many of them turn out kind of like my selfie. Not to mention the self-consciousness problem.

And while you can try the selfie thing with a camera…


*cough* Yeah, I know, my aim is rotten.

So out of all of those, I only got one that actually shows the hat! And even that’s from kind of a strange angle…


Or there’s this one, where I’m the one at a funny angle.


Enough of my photographic woes, on to the stats!
Pattern: Womens Peaked cap, a free pattern from Patons. Nice and easy to follow – I love things that are both charted and written out, they’re much easier to keep track of.
Yarn: Fiberspates Vivacious DK. I’ve used the 4ply before, and was just as impressed with the DK. Bouncy, and easy to work with, it gives things great structure but isn’t hard to the touch.
Hook: 5.5mm (see notes)

I chose to make this smaller than gauge, as I wanted a denser fabric. Which was fine, except it’s made the base a little tight. I’m hoping it will loosen with wear, or I’ll have to block it gently, and blocking hats is even trickier than photographing them! But it was a great pattern, and I’d actually think about making another one, possibly at gauge this time! Most of it was finished in one afternoon during 3 episodes of the BBC Horizon series on cats. Crochet and cats made for a very contented afternoon, I have to say!

The buttons are from Darn it and Stitch, and I’m actually rather surprised that they’re sewn on already. Normally things languish for a while before I get around to finishing them, but I’ve got much better lately at actually finishing. They’re wooden buttons, as I’ve learned to be wary of shell or ceramic – they break too easily when stuffed into bags or knocked against doorframes (yes, for me, that’s a genuine worry, even with a hat…). Plus I love the colours!


Of course, I also love that they’re easy to photograph even when not being worn 🙂


10 thoughts on “FO: My Winter Hat

  1. A mirror helps. I don’t mean you have to photograph your reflection – just turn the camera round so you can see the viewscreen reflected. It at least helps you get your head in the centre, even if it doesn’t solve the weird head tilt issues 🙂

    Of course you could try making a fake head, from a balloon or a bowl or something. I’m sure I’ve seen a tutorial online for making one, and then it can also be used as a hat blocker. Or buy one of those polystyrene ones, I have one, though it is quite a bit smaller than my head, which is not ideal.

    PS nice hat! 🙂


    1. I’ve seen people photographing their reflection, but I love the idea of using the mirror to see what’s on the camera. That’s a great idea, thank you!

      Yes, I’m going to have to block this thing for sure, and am currently pondering options. Some friends have one of those polystyrene ones, and given I don’t block hats very much and I’m not sure I can justify the purchase, maybe I’ll see if I can borrow theirs 🙂



  2. Cute hat! I love the colour and the buttons.
    I use a self-timer, sit the camera on eg a wall or a shelf, and take about 20 shots before I get my head in the frame…
    This technique might not work in a situation where other people might see you and wonder why you are taking photographs of the back of your head!


    1. Onlookers are definitely my biggest problem. I thought I’d cracked it yesterday with a quiet courtyard, but it turned out to be next to student rooms at lunchtime, and I got too many odd looks to be comfortable :/ Next time, I shall make J take them at the weekend!


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