Yarn Along: Eye of the (yarn) storm

If you think the first week of university is crazy for the students, just imagine what it’s like for those of us trying to get them organised. Throw in a weekend of trying to clear a rather full garage, and I’m actually proud of myself for managing to put my clothes on the right way around at the moment.

But by Sunday night, I had achieved this:


What that doesn’t show is the moment I found a mouse nest under the bookcase or a cache of shredded tissue paper behind the woodpile. As I’m not sure I want to remember them myself, I failed to take any photos. But between that, all the general stresses of life and the complete bedlam that signals the beginning of term, I’ve spent the last few days feeling like a wrung-out dishrag. What I really needed was a chance to just stop for a moment and get my balance back.

20141008_163325 (1)

The book is by Paul David Tripp, and it’s not exactly a study guide, and it’s not exactly a commentary. But it’s bite-sized chapters, suitable for someone with a wrecked attention span, and it’s not trivial or shallow as I sometimes find these short guides. There’s enough in it to get you thinking, but it’s one serious point rather than lots as you’d get in a full commentary. Just what I needed to get my brain back on track.

The project is my Silver stole which I haven’t talked about, or even managed to get a picture of before today. It’s a surprisingly soothing project, though. The rows are fairly short, the repeat is simple and the yarn is amazing. I think it’s going to be another project where blocking makes it sing, and while I’m looking forward to eventually wearing it, I’m also loving having a project that is just back and forth, back and forth. And although I might have turned my living room into an explosion in a yarn shop last night, trying to choose what to put on my queue next, I even found that soothing. There’s something about getting out lots of skeins of lovely yarn and imagining what they can be that’s good for the brain, I think. I might have far too much in there to get done any time son, but I know I’m going to have a great time on the way.

I’m joining up with Ginny again this week, so click the picture below to see what other Yarn Alongers are up to:


6 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Eye of the (yarn) storm

  1. I think part of the fun of pulling out your stash is feeling like a yarn store exploded and you get to bask in the vast amounts of yarn that may (or may not) completely cover your floor at any given time 🙂 It’s definitely something I like to do!!
    Beautiful shawl! Your stitches are so even! I am terrible with a crochet hook and can truly admire your gorgeous work!


    1. Shopping from the stash is always so much fun (not to mention cheaper :))

      Thank you! I’m loving making this shawl. For all that I like to have lots of things on the go, sometimes things really grab me and I just want to get it done so I can wear it!


    1. The Pattern is ‘Silver’ on Ravelry. it’s very easy to memorise but looks impressive worked up! The yarn is from a company called Squoosh 🙂


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