The View from the Desk

In the two months since I last blogged, I’ve read a lot of articles proclaiming the death of the blog, and how it’s just not something people do any more. Like letter writing and long phone calls where you managed to tie yourself up in the phone cord (or was that just me?), it’s apparently something that’s had its day.

On the other hand, looking at the massive number of crafting blogs I follow, and all the ones that are mentioned in the blogs that I follow, I seriously doubt the blog is going anywhere soon. I’ve had “write blog post” on my to-do list for eight weeks now, but it’s only today that I’ve really had the mental energy to put words on the screen.

This may be why:


Yes, that really is what I see when I look up from my computer at the moment. While I’m sure to all you book lovers out there are going “ooh”, to me, piles like that mostly represent hours of very dull processing (trust me, when you’ve stamped one book, you’ve stamped them all…). But on the plus side, the summer at least means I have the time for this sort of thing, and as my office doesn’t get much direct sunlight, it’s fairly cool in here, even on the hottest of July days. So not all bad. Plus there’s this cheering me up.


While that may just look like the cutest little handbag, it’s actually my lunch bag, and more than that, it’s a cool bag! No more luke-warm salad for lunch! No more suspiciously tepid yogurt! Definitely to be recommended in what is turning out to be an actual summer. It feels like ages since we had one of those over here, so it’s much to be enjoyed.

Hope you’re enjoying a similarly sunny summer out there in blogland – I’m sure you all still exist really šŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “The View from the Desk

  1. I envy you a cool office. Even though it has not been REALLY hot here, we don’t have any luxuries like air conditioning and I am on the sunny side of the building. LOVE your cool bag! Yes – I have read a lot about the death of the blog, but it will only be true if people like you and I stop writing and reading. I think fewer people comment than before, but I still get the same number of hits as ever.


    1. The office has been such a blessing – I am definitely a Northern European and wilt in the heat! You have my sympathy šŸ˜‰

      The blog thing is strange. I think Facebook has got people thinking more in terms of ‘likes’ than commenting, and in my other online life, I use Tumblr alot where the rules are different again. Things feel rather fragmented, but there still definitely seems to be a place for the ‘long form’ blog post.


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