WIP Wednesday: Finishitis

Hello all, and I hope your April has been less gloomy than ours here in Oxford. The fog took more of the morning to burn off, and while it’s sunny now, the morning sky seemed to have gone beyond overcast to some kind of white ceiling, as though the sky had been painted with a thick layer of cloud. With the sun behind it, what we mostly had was a white, glowing sky that was actually rather eerie.

View from my office window that doesn’t quite convey the strange glowiness of the sky.

Whether it’s the weather or the time of year or just me, I’ve been feeling rather restless about things lately. Most people who make things feel this at one time or another, I think, and what normally occurs is a nasty case of startitis, casting on or cutting out a few hundred projects all at once because you can’t quite settle to anything. Or you spend a few hours moving things in and out of your Ravelry queue, only to close your browser in frustration because nothing quite scratches the itch in your brain.

Normally when I get like this, I end up filling my Ravelry project page with a couple of dozen Works in Progress that all stay at about 10% for the next 6 months. Maybe I’m growing up or getting old or it’s just that I’ve got some nice Finished Objects lurking around at the moment, but what I mostly want to do right now is finish things. I’ve got 3 crochet and 1 knitting project on the go, then four or five quilts in various stages of completion, and what I keep finding myself thinking is “I want to have finished this.”


Maybe the Solas shawl above is bringing on that feeling. I thought that making something modular would be easier. Less to carry around, and more finishes to celebrate. Instead, I keep forgetting how much more there is to do, and have a vague sense of disappointment each time I join on a new piece. It’s been a good experiment, but I think I’ll go back to the all-in-one approach next time.

And of course, “wanting to have finished” and “wanting to finish” are not quite the same, and my brain doesn’t quite seem to understand that in order to achieve the whole finishing thing, it needs to knuckle down and actually finish projects.


5 down, 1 almost done (which curls horribly until it’s joined to the others) and 3 still to go. And while I’m working on it, I want to finish the stuffed elephant I’ve been making. When I pick up my cardigan, I want to unpick the quilt that didn’t quite work first time so that I can finish that. And when I’m quilting, I want to knit.

Quilts, languishing.

Then I add in the problem of wanting something simple to work on at the weekend at the cake/coffee/yarny party I’m going to. Nothing I’m working on is really suitable – the cardigan’s too big, the shawl needs too much counting, the elephant is at the assembly stage and I can’t talk and knit at the same time – so I need to pick a new project for that. When I can’t even pick which of my Works in Progress to work on, this is proving challenging, and what I’m mostly doing is favouriting things on Ravelry and wondering if it’s okay to take three days off work just to stay at home and stitch.

I’ll let you know what I decide!

To see if other people are being more decisive in their project choices this week, head over to Tami’s Amis



12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Finishitis

  1. It’s a difficult itch to scratch. I felt I needed to exercise my brain so decided to focus on some knitting for a change. I sometimes take something that needs the ends sewing into my crafty group, mindless and boring work that is better with tea and chat.


    1. I do want to knit, very much, but am at that awkward stage – I’m too proficient for dull patterns but not good enough to take knitting to anything social. Ah, the woes of a learner-crafter ;D


    1. Funny isn’t it? I thought it would be better, having more finishes, but it makes it easier to kid yourself about how far through you are! Back to all-in-ones for me, I think.


  2. I’ll take strange glowy skies over tornados (which have been threatening my neck of the woods in recent days). 🙂

    I fought off a terrible bout of cast-on-itis a few months ago, mainly because I remembered how awful I felt to have 40-eleven partially-done projects cluttering up the craft room and causing me guilt. I don’t need any more guilt, thank you very much. Good luck with your UFOs!


    1. Eep, yes, at least we don’t have to cope with that sort of weather. Hope things are okay wher eyou are.

      Thanks 🙂 There’s such a huge amount of guilt with a load of UFOs, isn’t there? Silly, because we only do these things to enjoy them! I’m resisting starting new things, but the lure of the stash is strong…


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