Okay, so I lack an alliterative title, but my excuse for late posting is that I was working crazy-hard on something with a deadline. Thanks to some marathon sewing, it’s done, and I can show you this sneak preview:


Yes, okay, technically those are the cut-off scraps that I’m turning into the world’s biggest pile of squares. For what, I have no idea, but I know I’m more likely to use them if they’re sewn together rather than leaving them as just triangles. I’m sure I’ll think of something.

Food-wise, it’s been rather a dull week:

Monday: Paella. All the paella. Seriously, more than that.
Tuesday: Paella. See above.
Wednesday: Paella. Yes, again. Yes, there was still some left over. Yes, I took it for lunch on Thursday.
Thursday: Pineapple Jalfrezi.
Friday: Nyonya Quorn (Rick Stein)
Saturday: Leftover Jalfrezi
Sunday: Slow-cooked pork with ginger (Rick Stein)

On the original menu, we’d planned to have risotto on Thursday, but I decided that I really, really couldn’t handle another rice + vegetables dish and made a curry instead. With vegetables. And rice.

On the plus side, the paella was really, really good. Just as well, considering how often I ended up eating it. I tend to start with a recipe from a website, then veer off it halfway through, coming back for the spice list, then throwing in anything else that seems good at the time. When we were in Menorca, we found that the secret to the excellent paella we’d been eating was the paella spice mix that you could buy in most greengrocers. But given the age of the stuff we bought, I went with individual spices instead, including a little cayenne pepper, which gave it a lovely lift.

If you have the Rick Stein book, I heartily recommend the slow-cooked pork, which was wonderfully sticky and gingery. And if you make the Nyonya chicken, definitely use chicken, not quorn. Something went a bit wrong, and although the flavour turned out okay, it looked very strange – yellow and rather unappetising, not at all as yummy as the chicken version had been. Apparently some substitutions can be done, others should just be left alone!

We’re away this coming weekend, so I’m in ‘basics’ mode for food this week. Bolognese last night, with leftovers tonight, and probably sausage and chips tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll make up for it with the food while we’re away – I’ll report back next week!

To make up for the dullness of ploughing through all my to-do lists, I took some lovely sunny photos by the river last week. One a gloomy, rainy day like today, it’s a nice reminder that we do get good weather sometimes!



Have a good week, everyone. I shall report back from sunnier climes next week!


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