WIP Wednesday

It’s been one of those strange days where everything feels like it’s only half-started, so I suppose Wednesday is an appropriate day for that kind of feeling. Even the weather feels half-done, with quite a chill in the air this morning and glorious sunshine this afternoon. Perfect for taking project pictures!


I’ve found lately that although I need to have multiple things I could work on, I’m very happy just plodding away on one thing at once. After struggling away at the cardigan that I swear I will finish one day, I wanted something easy for carrying around. After filling my Ravelry queue with far too many things, I finally settled on Solas by Aoibhe Ni. The Tunisian Lace technique is one I’m pretty comfortable with now, and even better, this shawl is modular. No enormous rows to get through, no having to rip back too much if you go wrong. The joining is done as you go, so you can see it growing, and it’s the perfect ‘mindless’ project. Until you know you’re getting near the end, you don’t even really need to count.


Having said that, you do need to check that you have an even number of stitches in each row. I can’t tell you how many times I found I’d skipped something and ended up a few stitches out! The yarn is Moondance by Natalie at The Yarn Yard and is very forgiving, fortunately.

After being busy all morning and most of the afternoon, it was lovely to grab five minutes with a coffee in the sunshine. The flowers are showing off in this kind of weather, and the College stones were practically glowing. Just what I needed after hours of concentration!


I’m linking up to Tami’s as usual, so don’t forget to have a look at what everyone else is working on at the moment.



3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

    1. We’re due more rain soon, so I’m going to try to get out again at lunchtime, half done or not!
      Thanks 🙂 I’m loving this shawl – it’s nice to have something easy to stitch when work is requiring all my brain power.


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